Young Victor's Comeback to Boxing after retirement 15th. Feb 1963

Boxing was Young Victor's short but sweet sporting career (26 contests), 5 undercards  and 3 mains. his fame came through fashion menswear (GUY) and  engineering (Leading Plastics design draughtsman products and tooling, later plant and project engineer) however boxing was his sport and he was just one fight decision away from a shot at the professional Victorian Title, he was a contender

He retired  when just over 22 years of age as he had work commitments.

Now speaking personally I do regret not knowing to keep in touch with the boxing world, I was just too busy with shops.

I discovered this on 20-6-2004 at the PPBA reunion Footscray RSL where I met so many ex boxers that remembered me so well.

My only contact with boxing was when donating the PPBA Most Improved Boxer of the year 1985 trophy won by Paul Ferreri, (the same trophy I had won in 1960) this was through having coffee and scotch with Norm Foster at my main shop at Coburg where he frequented during his lunchtimes.

He could have invited me to meet the boxing fraternity especially when I offered to do and fund something for boxing, but nothing eventuated.

Norm Foster was the Melbourne writer for the Australian Ring Magazine later matchmaker on TV Ringside at Channel Seven.

My association with Australian Boxing was a very nice experience in the 50s/60s as I was able to continue my working life experiences without having been hurt whatsoever during my boxing life.

For this I am grateful to Stadiums Ltd. the body then basically running the boxing game in Australia. (Some incidents may have worked in my favour when looked back on)

All boxers had to attend  a doctor's examination on fight night and it was Dr. Nathan.

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