For Promoters that run major professional venues in Victoria

What we at YVB do for you.

News of fighters continual, Pre fight publicity, Inclusion in Ticket sales website, Free YVB Fight gloves, Post fight news and video for further exposure (by request) plus all that is mainstream services to boxing in media. YVB also make two yearly awards of "YVB Promoter of the Year" and "Fight of the Year" YVB reserve the right to only include fightnights attended by YVB media staff.


Young Victor would like to extend to all boxing promoters the opportunity to benefit by his work for "Boxing" mainly in Victoria, but will extend nationally when requested.


YVB contribution to major promoters

4 pairs of newly unused YBV brand (8 or 10oz depending on weight division) fight gloves that are accredited by the  Professional Boxing & Combat Sports Board of Control.

The gloves are freely contributed and must be used in the two top fights of the night, two pairs for the main event and another set of two pairs for the main supporting fight.

This is extended to all national and international title fights on the venue if more that two.



Publish on website and mail-out to real boxing fans card fliers before the contests and news plus comments, promoters  can send in or have written by YVB usually with publicity photos in the main headlines of YVB website

This means pre-fight and post-fight News & Results with videos which in effect is giving the promotion and promoters good publicity in Victoria, Nationally and Internationally.


Ticket Sales (new) applicable to all Aussie states.

Ticket sales have been implemented on the YVB website and is proving a complete success to the point where we implemented a special website to sell from.

These are tickets over and above a promoter would normally sell so it like jam and cream over the top, the more money the better.

Promoters onboard with this are: Prestige Sports Management, Peter Maniatis Promotions and Keith Ellis. SEE WEBSITE


YVB requirements at Fight night:

This is usually carried out at "ringside apron" with an assistant and access to the ring for the simple reason of quality videos featuring both fight intro and winner crowning with fight recording on video placed on website or YouTube.

If the promoter sells professional videos and prefers clips only of the fights to be featured on the website he may inform the editor which is Young Victor.

When video and photos are made by the promoter YVB need access to some action shots for the news area and the video for publicity of the promoter and boxing in general.


Professional Boxing and Combat Sports Board

Unanimous approval of the Boxing Board of Victoria has been obtained 14-9-2009.

To comply with Professional Boxing & Combat Sports Board of Control.

Young Victor only does this by arrangement with each promoter at every individual promotion. YVB wishes to only comply by these government bodies as we all should and urges the promoters to contact him preferably by email in each instance or to specify clearly that it is on a continuing basis until otherwise advised.


YVB Promoter of the Year Award trophy

The winner of this award is purely based on what YVB see throughout the year as being the biggest effort made to maintain and improve professional boxing's place in Victoria.

Presentation of the award will be made in the last boxing function of the year or first in the following year.


Requirements from local promoters:

Please note that access for YVB media representative needs to be pre-arranged and door minders advised, Young Victor and his assistant will be wearing a YVB lanyard to assist  with id.


Special Media Credentials from interstate promoters when in Victoria: (not required in Vic as everybody is familliar with YV)

Requirements from interstate promoters when in Victoria are needed if absolutely necessary, accredited media tickets for two if needed and a place at ringside apron in one of the neutral corners.


Small request

Young Victor works very hard informing local fight fans about our Victorian promotions, interstate promoters are welcome to participate.

The equipment needed for all he does costs a lot of money and absorbs a lot of labour so, YVB being automatically a sponsor hopes the YVB logo to be placed on the fight card's poster as a sponsor.

The YVB logo is shown below and can be resized to suit.


If preferred indication of where to purchase tickets "WWW.BOXINGTICKETS.COM.AU" added to your own website will work wonders see example


Young Victor can be contacted (61) 03 9812 7714 or 0412 346811

or email

Important: Please note that fight-cards, venues, dating, addresses and any related information is subject to being checked by the promoters.

Any incorrect information should be reported to YVB by email above.

It is the promoters responsibility to keep YVB informed of "latest changes to fight-cards"


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