As my boxing name was Young Victor and in today's world it sounds like some internet nickname.

It was very common in my fighting days that fighters had a nickname and a lot of famous ones adopted the "Young" prefix to their first name eg "Young Griffo". (historical boxing great)
This was recommended to me when I got my first fight and it was advised that it was a good idea because of police attitude to professional boxers, it being in some cases harassment due to boxers defending themselves in the streets. 
My involvement in boxing today is a little example to what fighters can do with their lives after a career in boxing which is displayed on my website. ( get up and go again  )







I would like to explain this in a third person context so it is very clear as I consider it important.


Young Victor's birth name is Victor Paul Aquilina he is a family man that had some successes in life which most people can achieve if they try hard enough, although guilty of always keeping some in reserve.

He reached a milestone when he was rated as one of three leading Tool Design, Special Purpose Machinery and Plant Engineers in the plastics game throughout the state of Victoria during which time he was known as Mr V. P. Aquilina.

Another was reached when he made the GUY menswear name legendary in Melbourne as Fashion Leaders.


 To the "Boxing fraternity" 

It is very important to him that he is referred to as "Young Victor" in his involvement in Boxing.

There is no hidden agenda behind why he appeared back in the boxing game other than to associate with the game he loved all his life as a sportsman.

Dear boxing people please refer to me as Young Victor.


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