29th July 2005


PPBA Middleweight Title Fight


12x3 PABA Middleweight Title
Timo Masua 72.57 v Pradeep Singh 72.5
Ref: Malcolm Bulner
Judges: Andrew Campbell - Gus Mercurio - Aneeka Williams
Winner: P Singh KO 1:16 R6


Murray Thompson with talented Pradeep Singh after a well planned win.




Timo Masua a two time PABA champion knelt to Malcolm Bulner's count in round 6 to give Pradeep a convincing win.

The new and exciting PABA champion Pradeep waited until his much more experienced opponent slackened his impressive early rounds and took charge of the fight and made no mistake in ensuring a win.



Paul Murdoch 81.6 v James Ellis 91
Ref: Bryce Birtwistle
Judges: Andrew Campbell - Gus Mercurio - Aneeka Williams
Winner: P Murdoch TKO 0:21 R3


Paul Murdoch PPBA Lightheavyweight Champion won by tko in the 3rd round against James Ellis whom did not seem to have the experience and seasoning required against an opponent such as Paul. James suffered a bad deep cut over his eye during the fight and should be out of action for some time to sustain a good healing.

James gave a very good account of himself against a very tough opponent and he should be taking his time and picking his opponents while climbing to National standards.


Bob Gasio 104.4 v James Grima 91.2
Ref: Malcolm Bulner
Judges: Bryce Birtwistle - Gus Mercurio - Aneeka Williams
Winner: J Grima KO 0:57 R2



James Grima put Bob Gasio away in the second round with ease as his opponent was very much out of condition as well as overweight, however Bob made a show of himself when he endeavoured to ko Grima in the first with little hint of success.


Eddie Delic 66.7 v David Wiremu 68.7
Ref: Malcolm Bulner
Judges: Andrew Campbell (59:55) - Bryce Birtwistle (60:57) - Aneeka Williams (60:54)
Winner: E Delic unanimous points



Eddie Delic fought with determination and forceful tactics and kept David Wiremu off balance for most of the fight as seen with David down from slipping not a knockdown. David held up but only to lose the fight on points.


Willy O'Neill 77.4 v Clinton Johnson 75.3
Ref: Bryce Birtwistle
Judges: Andrew Campbell - Gus Mercurio - Malcolm Bulner
Winner: C Johnson KO 1:13 R2



Clinton Johnson does not give anyone much chance to ponder in the ring and put an end to his fight with Willy O'Neil by scoring a ko in the second round of the fight.


Kane McKay 75.1 v Sean Connell 75.8
Ref: Bryce Birtwistle
Judges: Andrew Campbell - Gus Mercurio - Aneeka Williams
Winner: K McKay TKO R4


Kane McKay stayed a jump ahead of Sean Connell throughout and also scored a knockdown in the second round as the doctor was called to check a cut over the eye (seen in pic) Kane won tko 4th round.


This was a great fightnight and we congratulate Murray for his effort in putting on such an exciting night.


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