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This section and most of the above links are all about the author, Young Victor and not intended as self promotion as its not needed, Young Victor is proud of his achievements after boxing, he didn't have a proper trainer and was more interested in life in general than boxing, he did it as a sport and had a go.

Victor at 22 years old lost interest in boxing when he discovered his mother used to go to the next door neighbour and cry while listening to the radio broadcast of his fight.

That was enough to make Victor lose interest and give up boxing, get married and go back to school and further his education.

Introduction to boxing - The link above called "My SCRAP BOOK" has newspaper fight clippings.


I felt I should include this in my website as the site may be understood to portray me as a person who boasts about himself, (well, I do a bit of that too) but I know there are many others ahead of me in line to the "The Boxing Hall of Fame" so just take it as you see it.

However I am a very confident person and that is mainly because of my experiences throughout my life.

My involvement in the sport of boxing was due to being too small in size for most sports like footy and too much of a non team player for most.

My experience in boxing made me realize that good boxers are not vicious people but are reasonably gentle nice guys.

My main ambition in boxing was only to fight a main event which I did. (3 in all)

I remember very clearly my father telling me with his arms over my shoulder "son we are not fighting stock and you will have plenty of time to do that later in life" as I asked him to buy me the first Ring magazine with a striking picture of George Bracken on the cover, it made a fantastic impression on me.

He managed to pass away within a few months.

I was 17 years old. I hated losing my beloved father at so young an age I needed to ask and tell him so very much (I always asked God why it happened)

We all have demons and that was mine.

I became very sad, we moved to Yarraville for a couple of weeks and I found Snowy Coates's gym and got introduced to boxing over just a couple of weeks. My mum hurriedly moved us to North Melbourne and a friend I made took me to Snowy's gym. ( I remember feeling embarrassed seeing Snowy Coates in the change rooms at the Stadium)

In my early 3 round fights I was just too timid and the fights were over by the time I got going, "until 1959", when Johnny Butterworth arrived in Australia at Snowy Sullivan's gym, we never had a main event boxer at Snowy's let alone such an experienced fighter like Johnny Butterworth.

Johnny with his colourful style and experience soon had a bearing on my approach to the game. After this I got going.

I am rather amazed at how I reached my goal winning so few contests but I figured that occurred when I concentrated on hard hitting instead of neat boxing and it worked. A hard puncher is dangerous to any boxer in the ring no matter how highly rated the opponent is can win a fight in a split second.

Winning by KO is the greatest feeling any boxer can experience, (rendering your opponent helpless with one punch)

Towards the day of my last fight an Australian boxer ( George Krall ) died while taken to hospital another died interstate and the newspapers published about one overseas, all within a week.

Sometimes I do regret not pursuing further involvement but I always think it was for the better.

At the time I had met my wife Lynette and decided to get married and go to night school to further my education. This stopped my mother from worrying about me boxing which was a problem.

In 1966 I missed boxing and while I was working at ACI as a draughtsman I dreamed of a comeback, Snowy Sullivan had passed away, I started training at Angelo Brisci's gym in North Fitzroy.

I could not communicate with Angelo, he only spoke Italian. Angelo was a very nice man. 

I joined Ambrose Palmer's gym at Festival Hall, had great sparring with Aldo Pravisani and Johnny Famechon.

Snowy Coates after 43 years of not meeting told me recently that he would have made me an Australian champion, possible? maybe I had the goods.


Young Victor's important message to young people:
Keeping yourself fit and setting goals will drive away the start of depression which usually leads to obesity, hence inspire self confidence in you which leads to successes in other ambitions.

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