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Disappointing Decisions Not sour grapes as I love all my former opponents in the ring


Les Dunn in Melbourne 6 rounds July 7 1960

* The stopping of my fight with Les Dunn in the fifth was wrong as we were both the same for wear and tear and not quite like indicated by some news writers, I was ok. there was no reason for the stoppage ( Al Basten for some reason did not want to see a 6th. round. ) After all he was the golden boy.

The Stadium crowd were in disagreement showing this by the Golden Boy's only booing I know of.

Les had good boxing skill.

It was the the way spectators showed their opinions, nobody had been knocked down and it was a great fight. Al Basten was the referee.

* It was discovered from the secretary of the PPBA that Les's fiancÚ was the referee Al Basten's daughter.

Les of course ( Les, has a fantastic personality ) tells me he does not remember heh ( I think I know why he can't remember), I speak to him for hours over the phone these days, he is always laughing, he is a great guy.

Later on when I was training at Laurie's gym for what ended up to be my last fight Les allowed Lynette, my future wife, his car to wait in, while we trained until I bought a new one. Les went on to fight and get stopped by Johnny Famechon.


Kevin Bell in Sydney 12 rounds Sept 3 1961

I discovered very early that Kevin Bell did not have much to worry me with so I started getting smart with dominating him with flashy boxing and had him down on the canvas fairly easily three times, once the bell comming to his rescue until I went too far and he landed one on my chin as I was dropping my hands as if to tease him.

Well "yes" he landed a sharp punch on my chin and all I wanted to do was get out of the road as my mind was spinning and went down on "ONE KNEE" as I reached for my mouthguard, Vic Patrick took a glance at my face (with one of his hands open on my head and the other ready to count) he looked closely at my eyes and immediately stopped the fight without counting and I bounced up straight away complaining. This  also to much of the crowd's surprise.

Vic Patrick, when asked straight away why he stopped the fight he said "look at his eyes"

** Snowy Sullivan had not accompanied me to this fight due to a small purse,

Somebody up there acted as my second and he applied ladies fingernail polish around my eyes recommending it for safety.

On my way to the ring from the rooms was a mirror on the wall in which I looked and remember looking like a woman under the towel over my head with very wide eyes (largely round)

When I talked about it in Melbourne I was told that polish had acetone in it and obviously effected my eyes appearance and I had felt the fumes too.

Really Bell didn't have a chance but was very lucky.

But as people, I always liked my opponents very respectfully regardless of the outcome so no grudges were ever held, I always considered boxing as a sport. After one more fight he fought a point's loss to Johnny Famechon.


 Curcio in Melbourne 12 rounds Aug 25 1961

I had intended to look like a main event boxer,

I took a girl to see this fight as snowy kept reminding me during the fight.

After a few rounds I  wondered how to hit this man with his head just two feet above the floor level, Snowy went bananas and started calling me names I had never expected, so by trying to make me mad enough to get rough with Curcio it had an opposite effect and the fight went on with me at the end of 12 rounds being able to do it all over again.

I found Curcio to be a very light puncher but difficult to fight the conventional way as he was very short and continuously fought with his knees bent to the canvas level which left his head about waist high with roundarm punches thrown mainly to the left and right side of the body region.

If Snowy instead of upsetting me with insults had told me what I figured later, that I should have been aiming punches from waist high upwards, like rips to the head, it would have been Goodnight Pasquale.


Cec Rogers in Benalla 10 rounds Feb 15 1961

Max Carlos was the referee, Maxie did not count while Cec Rogers ended up on the amateurs judges table beside the ring from a left hook, he had also been down for a count before that.

During one of the rounds later I scored a knockout blow and Cec went down to get well counted out, "one of the posts in the neutral corner fell over" and half the ring ropes fell over my opponent while Koe'd with Carlos stopping the count, half the ring disappeared for about 5 min. or longer giving Cec time to recover, Carlos helped reconstructing the ring and didn't continue the count again while Cec was down all that time. "Obviously sabotage"

Cec was in mid ring where the knockdown took place and I believe the ring post was sabotaged.

I had acquired a broken right hand during the second round and fought on but could not continue after round  nine so we gave it away.

However I do give credit to Cec as he was not like a lot of fighters that would not even enter the ring with me or reduce the rounds to 6 from 8 or 10 because of my right, especially after getting ko'd sensationally in our first fight in 1960.

At 22 years of age (still a puppy) I decided to give up boxing, marry Lynette, go back to night school and continue with engineering.


Problems like this discourage boxers and they give the game away :


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