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My attempted comeback Angelo Brisci's gym & Ambrose Palmer

Young Victor with black tights white socks next to Angelo Brisci trainer (far right)  Oct. 1966

I had making a comeback in mind with Angelo but had to move to Ambrose Palmer's gym. after a couple of weeks.

Angelo had a problem with not speaking one word of English at the time, he just loved the way I attacked George Fogus during a sparring session which turned a little sour because of roughness in sparring, I always pulled punches sparring but Fogus roughed me up so I did what I did best. I have been a great believer throughout my life in "DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT THEY DO UNTO YOU in BOXING" in some cases.


Comeback at Ambrose Palmer's gym 1966 - 1967


Serious training started here at the gym below Festival Hall with Ambrose at my helm, this was after a short preparation at home where I managed to reduce my weight back to 9 stone & 3 lbs. (57 kilos)

Here I spent 8 months getting into very good shape and Ambrose told me that my first return fight would likely be with Leo Young.

I spent this time training at top level mostly with Johnny Famechon but also with Aldo Pravisani, others included.

      Fammo   Victor    Aldo   


As we looked in 1966-67

If 3 years earlier this is where the Victorian Title could have changed hands as Les Mclean was also returning to boxing and he was gloved to spar with me.

Ambrose's sidekick either Roger or Malcolm pulled me aside and whispered that I should be careful that Les does not pull punches, "well" they were right.

Hence and behold Les did just what was expected he came at me furiously and got Ko'd. took 1 min.

As expected no count was applied but as Ambrose removed my gloves had a smirk and held his head down as usual.

Malcolm and Roger both looked away also smirking.


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