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Leisure Centre, Thomastown, Vic
Sunday 25th November 2007 

Jnr Middleweight 6x3
Pat Rullo 67.9kgs Win TKO 1:19 Round 6 Over Matt Williams 67.3kgs 

Middleweight 8x3
Matt Shaw 72.4kgs Win Split Points Over Chris Collard 72.5kgs
Scores: 78/75, 78/77, 75/77 

Catchweight 6x3
Serge Yannick 75.6kgs Win TKO 2:55 Round 5 Over Niusila Seiuli 77.8kgs 

WBF Asia Pacific Super Welterweight Title 10x2
Nigel Snart 68.4kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Dion McNabney 69.1kgs
Scores: 98/95, 97/94, 96/94 

Catchweight 8x3
Heath Stenton 79.6kgs Win Majority Points Over Charles Njock 79.3kgs
Scores: 76/76, 77/75, 80/72 

Cruiserweight 6x3
Zdravko Micevic 83.0kgs Win Split Points Over James Chan 84.7kgs
Scores; 57/56, 58/55, 57/58

Town Hall Malvern, Vic
Friday 16th November 2007 

Welterweight 6x3
Lincoln Stewart 63.6kgs Win TKO 2:05 Round 1 Over Jean Claude 65.7kgs 

South Pacific Super Middleweight Title 8x2
Luke Moloney 75.9kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Paz Viejo 74.2kgs
Scores: 79/73, 79/73, 79/74 

Catchweight 8x3
Shannon McMahon 67.1kgs Draw Split Points With Jakkirt Suwunnalirt 66.1kgs (Thai)
Scores: 79/73, 75/77, 76/76 

Pan Pacific Light Heavyweight 10x2
Jonny Walker 79.0kgs Win TKO 0:56 Round 9 Over Anont Donpradith 79.37kgs (Thai)

Basketball Stadium Dandenong, Vic
Saturday 20th October 2007

Catchweight 4x3
Robert Monitto 62.9kgs Win Split Points Over Robert Sanders 66.4kgs
Scores:39/38, 39/38, 37/39 

Super Cruiserweight 4x3
Dylan Goddard 89.1kgs Win TKO Round 1 Over Retired Mafa Telepe 90.6kgs 

Super Middleweight 6x3
Kerey Palmer 75.9kgs Win TKO 2:45 Round 2 Over Plaisakda Singwancha 74.1kgs (Thai) 

Welterweight 6x3
Sam Colomban 66.2kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Jakkirt Suwunnalird 66.1kgs (Thai)
Scores: 60/54, 60/54, 60/53 

Jnr Welterweight 6x3
Thomas Yakubu 61.8kgs Win TKO 2:41 Round 5 Over Yousef Eskanderi 61.9kgs 

Catchweight 10x3
Daniel Lovett 78.9kgs Win TKO 2:21 Round 8 Over Alofa Solitua 91.0kgs 

Australian Flyweight Title 12x3
Shane Brock 506kgs Win KO 1:52 Round 1 Over Matt Meredith 49.9kgs

Knox Netball Stadium Vic
Friday 12th October 2007

Junior Middleweight 4x3
Steve Attard 67.10kgs Split Draw With Matt Williams 66.70kgs
Score: 38/38, 37/39, 39/37

Junior Featherweight 4x3
Daniel Lannazzo 54.00kgs Win On Points Over Leigh Lindgren 54.70kgs
Score: 40/35, 40/36, 40/35

Welterweight 6x3
Oyewale Omotoso 66.10kgs Win KO 2.32 Round 1 Over Ariel Omongos 65.70kgs

Light Heavyweight 6x3
Paul Bourke 76.70kgs Win On Points Over Nathan Harmon 76.80kgs
Score: 58/56, 59/54, 59/55

Victoria State Welterweight Title 8x3
Heath Ellis 64.60kgs Win TKO 2.15 Round 1 (RSF) Over James Swan 64.00kgs

IBF Australasian Cruiserweight Title 12x3
Lawrence Tauasa 90.00kgs Win TKO 1.06 Round 4 Over Jamie Wallace 87.70kgs

IBF Pan Pacific Junior Welterweight Title 12x3
Somchai Nakbalee 64.90kgs Win On Points Over Fatai Onikeke 63.30kgs
Score: 120/108, 119/111, 120/108

Geelong Vic
Friday 12th October 2007

Light Heavyweight 10x3
Heath Stenton 78.10kgs Win TKO 2.04 Round 4 Over Yodchainoi Sor Samakkee 76.60kgs

OPBF Super Middleweight Title 12x3
Wayne Parker Jnr 76.20kgs Win TKO 2.54 Round 2 Over Kane McKay 76.20kgs

Darebin Sports & Leisure Centre, Melbourne Vic
Saturday 6th October 2007

Catchweight 4x3
Rivan Cessaire 64.20kgs Win On Points Over Arnel Barricuatro 62.30kgs
Score: 40/34, 40/35, 40/36.

Catchweight 4x3
Wayne Parker Junior 79.25kgs Win On Points Over Paz Viejo 75.30kgs
Score: 39/37, 39/37, 39/37.

Junior Welterweight 6x2
Ruben Santillanosa 62.35kgs Win On Points Over Eric Anaba 63.35kgs
Score: 60/54, 60/54, 59/55.

Catchweight 6x2
Luke Moloney 76.20kgs Win On Points Over Bruce Glozier 77.85kgs
Score: 57/56, 57/56, 58/56.

Australian Light-Heavyweight Title 10x3
Tim Bell 79.00kgs Win Tech Points End Round 8 (RSF) Over Sean Connell 79.00kgs
Score: 78/73, 79/73, 77/75.

Springers Leisure Centre, Keysborough VIC
Friday 25th August 2007


Featherweight 6x3

Leigh Lindgren 57.00kgs Split Draw with Emmanuel Micallef 56.80kgs
Score: 57/57, 59/55, 57/58


Catchweight 6x2

Nigel Snart 70.60kgs Win Majority Points Over Dion McNabney 67.60kgs
Score: 58/56, 59/57, 58/58


Catchweight 6x3
Chris Collard 72.20kgs Win TKO 1.48 Round 3 Over Fili Mailata 72.90kgs


Cruiserweight 6x3
Zdravko Micevic 84.60kgs Win TKO 1.56 Round 2 Over Colin Hunia 85.60kgs

Dallas Brooks Hall, Melbourne Vic
Friday 17th August 2007

Australian Super Cruiserweight Title 10x3
Costa Chondros 90.90kgs Win TKO 0.58 Round 6 Over James Ellis 93.05kgs

Australian Light Heavyweight Title 10x3
Tim Bell 78.70kgs Win On Points Over Marc Bargero 78.65kgs
Score: 96/94, 96/94, 98/92

Catchweight 6x2
Jon Walker 80.55kgs Win TKO 0.29 Round 3 Over Bruce Glozier 78.75kgs

Welterweight 6x3
Matthew Paulley 66.10kgs Win On Points Over Shannon McMahon 66.65kgs
Score: 58/56, 60/54, 60/55

Cruiserweight 4x2
Travis Staron 79.95kgs (debut) Win On Points Over Jiy Russell 85.75kgs
Score: 40/34, 40/35, 40/36

Heavyweight 4x2
Andre Meunier 102.50kgs Win On Points Over Billy Timaloa 109.60kgs
Score: 39/37, 40/36, 40/36

Heavyweight 4x2
Steve Hudson 95.20kgs Win On Majority Points Over
Mafa Telepe 90.35kgs
Score: 37/37, 38/36, 38/36

Cruiserweight 4x2
Jason Tramsek 83.40kgs Win TKO 0.46 Round 3 Over Tim Tiller 82.60kgs

Knox Netball centre, Ferntree Gully Vic
Friday 27th July 2007 

Welterweight 3x3
Steve Attard 67.10kgs Split Points Draw  Jason Crowe 66.30kgs
Scores: 28/28, 29/27, 28/29 

Bantamweight 4x3
Daniel Iannazzo 52.90kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Tom Clarke 53.00kgs
Scores: 39/37, 39/37, 39/37 

Catchweight 4x3
Nicholas Savidis Jnr 76.80kgs Majority Points Draw Paul Bourke 76.20kgs
Scores: 38/38, 38/38, 37/39 

WBF Asia Pacific Super Middleweight Title 10x2
Clinton Johnson 75.40kgs Win Majority Points Over Paz Viejo 75.50kgs
Scores: 97/94, 96/94, 95/95 

Victoria State Jnr Welterweight Title 8x3
Heath Ellis 63.50kgs Win TKO 1:31 Round 4 Over Brian Fogarty 63.10kgs 

WBF Intercontinental & IBF Pan Pacific Jnr Welterweight Title 12x3
Fatai Onikeke 63.30kgs Win KO 2:25 Round 3 Over Jakkirt Suwunnalirt 63.50kgs

Wyndham Sports Centre, Hoppers Crossing, Vic
Friday 29th June 2007

WBF Asia Pacific Jnr Middleweight Title
Frank LoPorto 68.5kgs Win Split Points Over Tim Hateley 69.0kgs
Scores 95/94, 97/94, 93/97

Malvern Town Hall, Malvern Vic
Friday 29th June 2007 

Light Heavyweight 6x3
Luke Moloney 76.25 Win Unanimous Points Over Bruce Glozier 76.95kgs
Scores: 60/53, 60/53, 60/52 

Catchweight 6x3
Jay Sims 70.70kgs Tech Draw (Cut)1:56 Round 2 With Jean Claude 67.45kgs 

Catchweight 6x3
Kerey Palmer 76.35kgs Win KO 1:11 Round 4 Over Prince Hamid 75.75kgs 

Light Heavyweight 6x3
Daniel McKinnon 78.15kgs Win TKO 0:37 Round 4 Over Injured Jonny Walker 78.80kgs 

Jnr Middleweight 8x3
Shannon McMahon 67.20kgs Win KO 2:31 Round 4 Over Fili Mailata 67.50kgs

Barwon Valley Activity Centre, Geelong VIC
Friday 25th May 2007

Welterweight 6x3
Steve Maxwell 64.0kgs Win KO 0:38 Round 1 Over Yousef Eskanderi 64.75kgs 

Catchweight 8x3
Steve Hudson 100.2kgs Win KO Round 2 Over Andrew Dickson 94.8kgs

Victoria State Cruiserweight Title 8x3
Charlie Arnoutovic 84.95kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Jim Tsitas 85.85kgs
Scores: 79/73, 79/73, 80/72

Knox Netball Stadium, Melbourne Vic
Friday 11th May 2007

Welterweight 6x3
Heath Ellis 64.60kgs Win On Points Over Jim Savage 64.30kgs
Score: 58/57, 58/57, 58/56

Catchweight 8x3
William Hadlow 72.00kgs Draw with Pradeep Singh 72.80kgs
Score: 76/77, 76/76, 77/75

Australian Welterweight Title 10x3
Eddie Delic 66.20kgs Win On Points Over Paul Tapley 66.60kgs
Score: 96/94, 97/93, 98/92

IBF Pan Pacific Junior Welterweight Title 12x3
Fatai Onikeke 63.50kgs Win KO 2.14 Round 6 Over Kongthawat Sorkitti 62.60kgs

The Palace, St.Kilda, VIC
Sunday 06th May 2007

WBF Light Welterweight Title 12x3
Guillermo Mosquera 63.50kgs Win KO 1.18 Round 12 Over Lance Gostelow 63.30kgs

PABA,  IBF Pan Pacific & WBF Asia Pacific Cruiserweight Title 12x3
Mohamed Azzaoui 88.80kgs Win On Points Over Nerman Sabanovic 86.60kgs
Score: 115/113, 118/110, 119/110

Catchweight 6x3
Samuel Colomban 64.90kgs Win KO 0.59 Round 1 Over Jun Geraldino 67.00kgs

Catchweight 6x3
Costa Chondros 90.00kgs Win On Split Points Over Jamie Wallace 85.20kgs
Score: 55/59, 58/56, 58/57

Heavyweight 4x2
Andre Meunier 99.90kgs Win On Points Over Dylan Goddard 91.50kgs
Score: 38/36, 38/36, 38/36

Catchweight 4x3
Paz Viejo 76.70kgs Win On Points Over Lucky La Ricca 76.20kgs
Score: 39/37, 39/37, 39/37

Croxton Pk Hotel, Thornbury Vic
Sunday, 15th April, 2007


Super Featherweight 4x3

Eric Anaba 57.70kgs Majority Draw With Danladi Thomas Yakubu 58.40kgs
38/38, 38/39, 39/39


The Bentleigh Club, Bentleigh Vic

Sunday, 15th April, 2007


Light Heavyweight 4x3

Lucky La Ricca 76.85kgs Split Draw With Matthew Kapetanios 78.00kgs
39/38, 37/39, 38/38


Cruiserweigh 6x3
Lee Kovacevic 83.75kgs Win On Split Points Over Tim Teller 81.85kgs
58/56, 56/57, 58/55


WBF Asia Pacific Flyweight Title 10x3
Shane Brock 50.75kgs Majority Draw With Rommie Rahayan 50.75kgs
96/96, 95/95, 96/94

Darebin Community Sports Stadium, Reservoir Vic
Friday, 13th April, 2007

Catchweight 6x3
Chas Tiger 79.30kgs Win On Points Over Dennis Arthur 80.00kgs (Debut)
Score: 58/56, 58/57, 59/55

Light Heavyweight 6x3
George Sotiropoulos 76.90kgs Win On Points Over Joel Casey 77.10kgs
Score: 59/53, 59/53, 59/54

Catchweight 6x2
Jean Claude Nkukufwamba 69.80kgs Win On Split Points Over Nigel Snart 70.60kgs
Score: 57/56, 57/56, 55/58

Catchweight 6x3
Zdravko Micevic 83.40kgs Win On Points Over Wes Ryder 87.10kgs
Score: 60/52, 60/52, 60/53

Town Hall, Moorabbin, Vic
Sunday 1st April 2007 

Featherweight 4x3
Eric Anaba 57.0kgs Win Majority Points Over Mark Quon 56.95
Scores: 39/39, 39/38, 38/37 

Junior Middleweight 4x3
Paul Le 69.65kgs Win Majority Points Over Jay Sims 69.85kgs
Scores: 39/39, 39/38, 39/37

Super Middleweight 4x3
Kerey Palmer 75..70kgs Win KO 2:20 Round 3 Over Bruce Glozier 74.75kgs (NZ)

Catchweight 6x3
Luke Moloney 76.0kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Fili Mailata 72.25kgs (NZ)
Scores: 60/54, 60/54, 59/54 

Super Cruiserweight 4x3
Costa Chondros 90.65kgs Win KO 1:00 Round 4 Over Mike Olalekan (Yomi) 94.05kgs

Light Heavyweight 6x2
Jonny Walker 78.95kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Paz Viejo 76.45kgs (NZ)
Scores: 60/50, 60/54, 60/54 

Welterweight 6x3
Shannon McMahon 66.60kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Jean Claude Nkukufamba 66.40kgs
Scores: 60/50, 60/56, 60/53

Macedonian Centre, Sunshine, Vic
Saturday 31st March 2007 

Catchweight 4x2
Faisal Fayad 71.15kgs (Debut) Win Unanimous Points Over Cuong Tran 74.20kgs
Scores: 40/35, 40/34, 39/36

Manly Leagues Club, Sydney NSW
Friday 30th March 2007

Heavyweight 4x2
Erik Nosa 106.50kgs Majority Draw With Micheal Kirby 117.60kgs
Score: 38/38, 38/38, 37/39

Light-Heavyweight 4x3
Kerry Foley 76.70kgs Win On Points Over Joel Casey 79.30kgs
Score: 38/37, 38/37, 38/37

Super-Cruiserweight 6x3
Dominic Vea 91.80kgs Win Majority Points Over Paul Sloane 88.90kgs
Score: 57/57, 59/55, 58/56

Heavyweight 6x3
Brian Fitzgerald 104.40kgs Win On Split Points Over Johbn Hopoate 106.80kgs
Score: 58/56, 59/54, 55/58

Sports Stadium, Traralgon, Vic
Saturday 24th March 2007

Catchweight 4x3
Daniel Iannazzo 52.50kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Pornchai Sithpajuk 51.60kgs (Thai)
Scores: 40/35, 40/35, 40/35

Catchweight 6x3
Heath Ellis 63.30kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Dennapa Bigshotcamp 65.20 (Thai)
Scores: 60/54, 60/54, 60/54

Super Middleweight 8x3
Pradeep Singh 73.70kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Somchai Chimlum 73.60kgs (Thai)
Scores: 80/72, 79/72, 79/73

Welterweight 8x3
Fatai Onikeke 63.80kgs Win KO 1:55 Round 4 Over Mike Wanprasert 63.80kgs (Thai) 

WBF Asia Pacific Light Heavyweight Title 10x2
Clinton Johnson 78.20kgs Split Draw With James Chan 79.30kgs
Scores: 96/95, 93/97, 95/95

Herb Graham Rec & Fit Centre, Mirrabooka WA
Saturday 24th March 2007

Catchweight 4x3
Adam Leavers 71.50kgs Win KO 2.20 Round 1 Over Jomjoy Sithsaithong 67.62kgs

Cruiserweight 4x2
Xavier Lucas 80.52kgs Win TKO Round 2 Over Trevor Loomes 81.36kgs

Middleweight 4x3
Robbie Bryant 69.80kgs Win TKO 1.46 Round Taniela Vatunicoko 71.15kgs

Lightweight 4x3
William Kickett 60.94kgs Win TKO 1.20 Round 1 Over Somphop Intaraphan 59.80kgs

Heavyweight 6x3
Lawrence Tauasa 98.18kgs Win KO 1.24 Round 1 Over Marika Katonivere 93.80kgs

Light Heavyweight 6x3
Dominic DeVanna 77.76kgs Win KO 1.25 Round 2 Over Paula Tuilau 76.40kgs

Middleweight 6x3
Daniel Dawson 71.94kgs Win TKO Round 2 Over Saknarong Chachotirat 71.08kgs

Heavyweight 10x3
Mark de Mori 108.40kgs Win TKO 0.15 Round 4 Over Mosese Kavika 111.20kgs

Basketball Stadium, Wagga Wagga NSW
Saturday 17th March 2007

4x3 Catchweight
Iggy McGowan 87.84kgs Win On Points Over Mick O'Donnell 95.50kgs
Score: 40/35, 39/36, 40/35

6x3 Super Middleweight
Leroy Brown 74.50kgs Win KO 2.27 Round 4 Over Peter Rudd 73.50kgs

NSW State Cruiserweight Title 8x3
Anthony McCracken 85.52kgs Win KO 1.03 Round 8 Over Damien Smith 85.94kgs

12x3 IBF Australasian Junior Middleweight Title
Shannan Taylor 69.84kgs Win KO 1.34 Round 4 Over (CUT) Dechapon Suwunnalird 69.85kgs

The Croatia Club, Punchbowl NSW
Friday 16th March 2007

Light Heavyweight 3x2
Nick Xipolitis 76.80kgs Split Draw With Shane Bellew 78.60kgs
Score: 30/28, 28/29, 29/29

Catchweight 4x2
Mark Pawsey 76.50kgs Win On Points Over Cuong Tran 74.40kgs
Score: 40/36, 40/36, 40/36

Junior Lightweight 4x2
Benny Warburton 57.80kgs Win On Points Over John Akauala 58.30kgs
Score: 40/37, 39/37, 39/38

Catchweight 6x2
Johnny Krishna 68.00kgs Win On Split Points Over David Slowiak 66.20kgs
Score: 56/58, 59/56, 59/55

Welterweight 6x3
Jed Syger 65.60kgs Win On Tech Points Round 5 Over (Cut) Leonido Geraldino 66.20kgs
Score: 40/36, 40/35, 40/36

Catchweight 6x3
Joel Casey 76.90kgs Win KO 0.25 Round 2 Over Daniel Pawsey 76.20kgs

West Lakes Function Centre, Adelaide SA
Saturday 10th March 2007

Catchweight 6x2
Ivan Kolar 79.00 kgs (debut) TKO 23 secs. in rd. 5 over Khalil Kobeiss 82.05 kgs

Sleeman Centre, Chandler, Qld
Friday 9th March 2007

Junior Middleweight 4x3
Tyrone Tongia 69.65kgs Win KO 0:49 Round 2 Over Rolando Malonhao 69.35kgs (Phil)

Queensland State Bantamweight Title 8x3
Fred Mundraby 52.30kgs Win Tech Points Round 6 Over Matt Meredith (cut) 51.60kgs
Scores: 50/44, 50/44, 50/45

Heavyweight 6x3
Colin Wilson 116.75kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Sam Leuii 106.50kgs (NZ)
Scores: 60/55, 60/55, 59/55

WBO Asia Pacific & PABA Super Middleweight Title 12x3
Peter Kariuki 75.35kgs (NZ) Win KO 2:18 Round 7 Over Dale Westerman 76.00kgs 

Australian Junior Welterweight Title 10x3
Dean Byrne 63.05kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Chris McCullen 63.25kgs
Scores: 100/90, 98/92, 98/92

IBF Pan Pacific Lightweight Title 12x3
Ranee Ganoy 61.20kgs (Phil) Win KO 0:21 Round 8 Over Robbie Peden 60.70kgs

Entertainment Centre, Sydney NSW
Wednesday 7th March 2007

Junior Welterweight 4x3
Lance Gostello 63.30kgs Win KO 2.43 Round 2 Over (Cut) Robert Oyan 62.70kgs

Welterweight 4x3
Ronnie Grech 66.00kgs Win On Majority Points Over Jason Crow 64.40kgs
Score: 38/38, 39/37, 39/37

Catchweight 4x3
Kartu Artang 54.70kgs Majority Draw With Kane Buckley 56.10kgs
Score" 38/38, 38/38, 39/37

Junior Lightweight 4x3
Mohamed Elomar 58.70kgs Win KO 0.41 Round 1 Over Pises Buachai 57.30kgs

Super Middleweight 4x3
 Sergio Yannick 75.60kgs Win On Majority Points Over Wayne Parker Jnr 75.60kgs
Score: 39/39, 40/37, 39/38

Super Middleweight 4x3
Peter Kazzi 76.10kgs Win On Points Over Paz Veja 76.10kgs
Score: 40/34, 40/35, 40/35

Cruiserweight 4x3
Daniel Baff 79.20kgs Win KO 2.02 Round 2 Over Sefania Vaka 82.00kgs

Super Cruiserweight 6x3
Jamie Withers 86.60kgs Win On Points Over Justin Clements 87.30kgs
Score: 60/54, 60/54, 60/54

Heavyweight 4x3
Les Mason 124.10kgs Win TKO 1.59 Round 1 Over John Justice 99.10kgs

Heavyweight 4x3
John Hopoate 107.70kgs Win KO 2.59 Round 2 Over Richard Tutaki 114.50kgs

Heavyweight 4x3
Solomon Haumono 108.10kgs Win TKO 1.24 Round 1 Over Fatu Tuimanoro 99.00kgs

WBA Pan African Heavyweight Title 12x3
 Shane Cameron 104.40kgs Win KO 2.40 Round 8 Over Bob Mirovic 118.00kgs

WBA World Super Middleweight Title 12x3
Anthony Mundine 75.90kgs Win TKO 2.26 Round 9 Over Sam Solomon 75.40kgs

Basketball Stadium, Caloundra, Qld.
Saturday 3rd March 2007 

Welterweight 8x3
Andrew Gosden 66.65kgs Split Draw With Jason Kanofski 66.05kgs
Scores: 77/76, 76/79, 76/76

Davistown RSL Club, Davistown NSW
Friday March 2nd 2007

Catchweight 6x3
Shane McFarlane 63.50kgs Win On Split Points Over Brian Fogarty 65.00kgs
Score: 56/57, 57/56, 57/56

Cruiserweight 6x2
James Chan 86.10kgs Win TKO End Round 5 Over Over (Ret) Benny Fetilika 85.70kgs

Panthers Club, Newcastle NSW
Friday 2nd March 2007

Junior Welterweight 4x2
Dean Cambridge 63.50kgs Win KO 1.49 Round 3 Over Lucas Mason 61.00kgs (Debut)

Heavyweight 4x3
Pat Kennedy 111.80kgs Win On Points Over Auckland Auimatagi 113.30kgs
Score: 39/37, 39/37, 39/37

Cruiserweight 4x2
Garth Murray 84.60kgs Win TKO End Round 1 Over (Retired) Matt Guthrie 84.90kgs

Australian Cruiserweight Title 10x3
Daniel Ammann 85.50kgs Win Split Points Over Nermin Sabanovic 83.90kgs
Score: 95/96, 96/95, 99/91


 Wyndham Leisure Centre, Werribee, Vic

Sunday 25th February 2007 

Catchweight 3x2
Dragan Arnoutovic 87.50kgs Split Draw with Tim Teller 83.70kgs
Scores: 29/29, 29/28, 28/29 

Catchweight 6x2
Tim Hateley 67.30kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Yousef Eskanderi 66.30kgs
Scores: 59/54, 59/55, 60/54

Townsville Rugby Grounds, Qld
Saturday 24th February 2007

Catchweight 4x3
Mhelvin Hernandez 63.95kgs Win Split Points Over Paul Bryden 62.10kgs (Debut)
Scores: 39/37, 39/38, 37/39

Featherweight 8x3
Leigh Lindgren 56.85kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Samart Twingym 55.90kgs (Thai)
Scores: 79/73, 79/73, 79/73 

Heavyweight 6x3
John Hopoate 108.3kgs Win KO 0:45 Round 5 Over Hiriwa Te Rangi 115.8kgs (NZ) 

Australian Super Middleweight Title 10x3
Les Sherrington 75.55kgs (Cut) Win Points TD 2:11 Round 9 Over Sonni Michael Angelo 73.80kgs
Scores: 79/73, 79/72, 78/73


Southport RSL Club, Gold Coast, Qld
Friday 23rd February 2007

Junior Welterweight 4x2
Junmar Dulog 61.65kgs  (Phil) Win Unanimous Points Over Lowen Hardy 63.05kgs (Debut)
Scores: 40/36, 40/37, 39/36

Heavyweight 6x3
Alex Leapai 106.5kgs Win KO 1:46 Round 5 Over Oscar Talemaira 127.5kgs (NZ)

Queensland State Womens Jnr Featherweight Title 6x2
Jasmine Ward 54.40kgs (Debut) Win Unanimous Points Over Edith Smith 51.20kgs
Scores: 59/57, 58/56, 58/56

Queensland State Middleweight Title 8x3
William Hadlow 71.90kgs Tech Draw 2:11 Round 5 (Cut) George Lividitis 72.55kgs
Scores: 38/38, 38/38, 37/39

Womens Junior Lightweight 6x2
Sharon Anyos 58.40kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Satreelek Paradorngym 56.40kgs (Thai)
Scores: 60/54, 59/54, 59/54

PABA Middleweight Title 12x3
Gavin Topp 72.55kgs Tech Draw 0:04 Round 4 (Cut) Nonoy Gonzales 71.50kgs (Phil)


Oasis Leisure Centre, Belmont, WA

Saturday 17th February 2007


Catchweight 6x3

Daniel Dawson 71.58kgs Won On Points Over Jakkirt Suwunnalird 69.66kgs
60/54, 60/54, 60/54

Dandenong Basketball Centre, Melbourne, Vic
Saturday 17th February 2007


Junior Middleweight 6x2

Shannon McMahon 67.60kgs Win On Points Over Fili Mailata 68.00kgs


Catchweight 6x3
Sean Connell 76.65kgs Win TKO 1.06 Round 3 Over Chas Tiger 75.55kgs


Featherweight 8x3

Emmett Gazzard 55.95kgs Win On Points Over Kongdej 56.65kgs
Score: 77/75, 78/75, 78/74


Flyweight 8x3
Shane Brock 49.95kgs Win KO 2.15 Round 4 Over Pronchai Sithpajuk 50.80kgs


Super-Middleweight 12x3
Nader Hamdan 76.15kgs Win On Majority Points Over Daniel Lovett 76.20kgs
Score: 114/114, 116/113, 116/112

Oasis Leisure Centre, Belmont, WA

Saturday 17th February 2007


Catchweight 6x3

Daniel Dawson 71.58kgs Won On Points Over Jakkirt Suwunnalird 69.66kgs
60/54, 60/54, 60/54

Knox Netball Stadium, Ferntree Gully, Vic.
Friday 16th February 2007

Catchweight 6x2
Michelle Preston 52.80kgs (NZ) Win Unanimous Points Over Georgia Keady 51.90kgs
Scores: 58/57, 59/55, 60/53

Super Middleweight 6x3
Luke Moloney 76.20kgs Win Split Points Over Prince Hamid 75.90kgs
Scores: 59/55, 59/55, 56/58

Catchweight 6x3
Heath Ellis 64.20kgs Win KO 2:59 Round 3 Over Ariel Omongos 62.90kgs (Phil)

WBF Australasian Middleweight Title 10x3
Jeremy Allan 72.20kgs Win TKO 2:00 Round 5 Over Chris Collard 71.80kgs

WBF Intercontinental Jnr Welterweight Title 10x3
Fatai Onikeke 63.50 Win TKO 1:39 Round 7 Over Bart Abapo 62.90kgs

Kedron Wavell Services Club, Chermside, Qld
Friday 16th February 2007

Heavyweight 4x3
Greg Tomlinson 103.5kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Colin McIlwaine Jnr 103.0kgs (Debut)
Scores: 39/37, 39/37, 40/36

Welterweight 4x3
Ashley White 65.05kgs (Debut) Win TKO 1:10 Round 4 Over Graham Foley 65.10kgs (Debut)

Heavyweight 4x3
Glenn Azar 91.2kgs (Debut) Win TKO 1:58 Round 2 Over John Parai 91.6kgs (NZ)

Catchweight 6x3
Andrew Gosden 68.05kgs Win TKO 2:27 Round 2 Over Jun Geraldino 66.0kgs (Phil)

Welterweight 6x3
Jim Savage 66.20kgs Win Split Points Over Rolando Gerongco 64.0kgs (Phil)
Scores: 57/56, 57/56, 55/59

Vacant Australian Featherweight Title 10x3
Matt Powell 56.80kgs Win DQ 2:42 Round 7 Over Mohamed Elomar 56.40kgs

The State Sports Centre, Homebush NSW
Sunday 4th February 2007


Junior Welterweight 6x3
Junmar Dulog 62.00kgs Win TKO Round 3 Over Charlie Vella 62.75kgs

Catchweight 4x3

Zac Awad 75.55kgs Win On Points Over Ramillo Caballes 76.40kgs
Score: 40/36, 39/37, 40/37


Light-Heavyweight 4x3
Garth Wood 77.35kgs Win By Disq Round 4 Over Paz Viejo 78.50kgs


IBF Australasian Welterweight Title 12x3
Rob Medley 66.35kgs Win On Points Over Kaizer Mabuza 64.65kgs
Score: 117/112, 118/110, 119/109


IBF Australasian Light-Heavyweight 12x3
Paul Briggs 79.38kgs Win On Points Over Rupert Van Aswegen 77.25kgs
Score: 120/110, 119/110, 117/112


IBF Pan Pac/ OPBF Junior Middleweight Title 12x3
Daniel Geale 69.55kgs Win On Points Over Lee Oti 69.25kgs
Score: 118/110, 118/109, 119/110


IBF Australasian Super-Middleweight Title 12x3
Sakio Bika 76.20kgs Win On Points Over Andre Thysee 78.40kgs
Score: 120/102, 120/108, 120/109

IBF World Eliminator Junior Welterweight 12x3
Lovemore NDou 63.00kgs Win TKO End Round 11 Over Naoufel Ben Rabah 63.50kgs

Parkville, Melbourne Vic
Sunday 21st January 2007

Light Heavyweight 12x3
Danny Green 79.15kgs Win TKO 1.05 Round 2 Over Paul Murdoch 79.20kgs


Cruiserweight 6x3
Daniel Lovett 82.50kgs Win On Points Over Justin Clements 85.35kgs
Score: 60/53, 60/53, 60/53


Welterweight 6x3
Ben Burrage 64.95kgs Win TKO 2.11 Round 3 Over Adam Wills 63.85kgs


Catchweight 6x3
Tyrone Tongia 70.15kgs Win On Points Over Robert Toomey 68.85kgs
Score: 59/55, 59/55, 58/56


Welterweight 6x3
Matthew Paulley 63.60kgs Draw With Brad Milner 63.80kgs
Score: 57/57, 57/57, 55/59.


Junior Middleweight 6x3
Parkpoom Jangphonak 69.85kgs Win On Majority Points Over Chad Bennett 69.90kgs
Score: 59/56, 57/57, 60/54


Cruiserweight 4x3
Anthony McCracken 85.65kgs Win On Points Over Jason Tramsec 85.10kgs
Score: 40/36, 40/36, 39/37

Jupiters Hotel & Casino, Townsville, Qld.
Saturday 20th January 2007

Light Heavyweight 4x3
Joel Casey 77.45kgs (Debut) Win TKO 1:58 Round 1 Over Ben Cochrane 77.85 (Debut) 

Catchweight 6x3
Wayne Parker Jnr 75.75kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Sean Connell 76.70kgs
Scores: 59/57, 59/55, 58/56 

Super Middleweight 6x3
Shaun Quagliotto 74.70kgs Win TKO 2:59 Round 3 Over Arama Tabuai 76.25kgs


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