Boxing Results: Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast Qld
Friday 17th December 2004

Middleweight 6x3
Sonni Michael Angelo 72.65kgs Win On Split Points Over Matt Burns 72.05kgs
Score: 58/57, 57/58, 58/57.

Qld State Heavyweight Title 8x3
Zane Aiken 102.50kgs Win On Majority Points Over Phil Gregory 103.50kgs
Score: 78/75, 76/76, 79/73.

Middleweight 6x3
Sean Connell 71.55kgs Win On Points Over Steven Ng 72.35kgs
Score: 58/56, 59/55, 58/56.

Bantamweight 8x3
Frankie De Milo 56.80kgs Win On Points Over Rolando Gerongco 58.30kgs (Phil)
Score: 76/75, 76/75, 76/75.

Heavyweight 10x2
Bob Mirovic 121.35kgs Win On Points Over Colin Wilson 114.00kgs
Score: 98/94, 97/95, 97/94.

WBF World Junior Middleweight Title 12x3
Shannon Taylor 72.85kgs Win KO 1.43 Round 2 Over Sakda Singwancha 68.45kgs (Thai)

Boxing Results: Club Nova, Newcastle NSW
Friday 10th December 2004

Light Heavyweight 4x2
Tim Rolfe 77.00kgs Split Draw With Clint Johnson 77.50kgs
Score: 40/39, 38/38, 36/40.

Catchweight 4x3
Joe Lopez 69.00kgs Win On Points Over Brad Ryan 70.00kgs
Score: 39/38, 39/37, 39/37.

Junior Welterweight 6x3
 Johnny Cotterill 62.50kgs Win On Points Over Kongthawat Sorkitti 61.50kgs
Score: 60/54, 59/54, 59/54.

Heavyweight 6x2
Pat Kennedy 112.90kgs Win On Majority Points Over Osca Talemaira 120.00kgs
Score: 59/59, 60/55, 59/56.

OPBF Super Middleweight Title 12x3
Nader Hamden 76.20kgs Win KO 1.38 Round 4 Over Arama Tabuai 75.00kgs

IBF/PPBF Super Middleweight Title 12x3
Joel Burke 76.20kgs Win TKO End Round 8 Over (Injured) Danny Lovett 75.50kgs

IBF/PPBF Welterweight Title 12x3
Chad Bennett 66.50kgs Win KO 2.31 Round 2 Over Sing Siam Eausampan 66.00kgs

Boxing Results: Panthers Pavilion, Penrith NSW
Sunday 12th December 2004

Catchweight 8x3
Anton Solopov 66.25kgs Win KO 1.38 Round 5 Over Sergio Finetto 67.05kgs

Junior Welterweight 8x3
Noufel Ben Rabah 63.20kgs Win TKO 2.05 Round 5 (RSF) Over Ranee Ganoy 63.25kgs

Catchweight 8x3
Garry Comer 71.25kgs Win TKO 1.39 Round 5 (RSF) Over Ben Horra

IBF/PPBF Light Heavyweight Title 12x3
Jason Delisle 78.45kgs Win TKO 2.13 Round 5 Over (Disqualified) Juan Zabala 77.75kgs (Arg)

Catchweight 10x3
Sam Soliman 73.40kgs Win KO 1.13 Round 7 Over Jose Clavero 72.90kgs (Arg)

Vacant Australian Middleweight Title 10x3
Daniel Dawson 71.95kgs Win On Points Over Josh Clemshaw 72.55kgs
Score: 96/95, 99/95, 96/95.

Boxing Results: South Port Sharks Club, Gold Coast Qld
Friday 10th December 2004

Junior Welterweight 6x3
Daniel Hoskins 62.30kgs Split Draw With Kahlid Ahmed 63.50kgs
Score: 55/58, 58/55, 57/57.

Featherweight 6x3
Ahmed Elomar 56.15kgs Win Points 5 (Tech) Over Rey Morales 57.05kgs (Mex)
Score: 39/37, 40/36, 40/36.

Super Middleweight 6x3
Daniel Geale 74.00kgs Win KO 1.12 Round 1 Over Bruce Glozier 75.90kgs (NZ)

Qld State Lightweight Title 8x3
Mick Shaw 60.60kgs Win KO 1.46 Round 7 Over Daniel Wilson 61.23kgs

WBF Woman's Featherweight Title 10x2
Sharon Anyos 55.65kgs Win On Majority Points Over Lisa Brown 55.95kgs (Can)
Score: 100/91, 96/95, 96/96.

Bantamweight 10x3
 Nadel Hussein 52.30kgs Win KO 0.44 Round 5 Over Yopi Benu 52.15kgs (Indo)

Boxing Results: Hurstville Civic Centre, Sydney NSW
Friday 10th December 2004

Catchweight 6x3
Greg Eadie 60.90kgs Win KO 1.30 Round 2 Over Nagin Gurumu 61.95kgs

Vacant Australian Junior-Lightweight Title 10x3
Billy Dib 58.75kgs Win KO 1.40 Round 2 Over Jungstar Min 58.35kgs

Boxing Results: Mansfield Tavern, Queensland
Friday 3rd December 2004

Super-Cruiserweight 8x3
Wan Coulkov 87.05kgs Win On Points Over Alex Leapai 94.10kgs
Score: 80/73, 80/73, 80/72.

Heavyweight 4x3
Mick Peachy 108.50kgs Win TKO 1.26 Round 3 Over Corey Wainwright 129.50kgs

Catchweight 6x3
Alan Reynish 84.20kgs Win KO 2.59 Round 2 Over James Ellis 87.80kgs

Welterweight 6x3
Paul Tapley 65.50kgs Win On Majority Points Over Jeremy Condren 65.35kgs
Score: 58/56, 58/56, 57/57.

Welterweight 4x3
Gareth Williams 65.85kgs Draw With Fabrice Hona 65.25kgs
Score: 38/38, 38/38, 38/38.

Boxing Results: Malvern Town Hall, Victoria
Friday 3rd December 2004

Middleweight 6x3
Chris Collard 70.60kgs Win On Majority Points Over Reuben Martyn 70.00kgs
Score: 57/55, 56/56, 57/55.

Catchweight 6x3
Heath Stenton 77.60kgs Win TKO 2.51 Round 6 (RSF) Over Willie O'Neill 75.80kgs

Catchweight 6x3
Tim Bell 78.70kgs Draw With Moroni Schwalger 80.60kgs
Score: 57/57, 57/57, 57/57.

Victorian Welterweight 8x3
Eddie Delic 65.00kgs Win On Split Points Over Shannon McMahon 65.00kgs
Score: 76/73, 74/76, 75/74.

Catchweight 6x3
Nick Tetoros 70.40kgs Win TKO 1.10 Round 1 Over Clinton Simmonds 67.10kgs

Boxing Results: Central Coast Leagues Club, Gosford NSW
Friday 26th November 2004

Super Middleweight 3x2
Brian Wills 74.70kgs Win TKO 1.17 Round 1 (RSF) Over Guy Rinn 74.52kgs

Super Cruiserweight 4x2
Paul Sloan 91.70kgs Win TKO 1.03 Round 4 (Towel In) Over Damien Smith 93.40kgs

Light Heavyweight 6x2
Nathan Johnson 79.16kgs Win On Points 0.52 Round 4 Over (Cut) Clint Johnson 78.83kgs
Score: 30/27, 30/27, 30/27.

Catchweight 8x3
Marc Bargero 79.36kgs Win KO 1.40 Round 2 Over Steven Wood 80.56kgs

Boxing Results: Emerald BasketBall Stadium, Queensland
Saturday 20th November 2004

Catchweight 4x2
Troy McAndrew 80.30kgs majority Draw with Simon Gillmore 76.20kgs
Score: 38/38, 38/38, 38/39.

Heavyweight 4x2
 Jamie Ellis 92.00kg Win TKO 1.42 Round 3 Over Daniel Elliott 107.8kg

Australian Heavyweight Title 10x3
Colin Wilson 115.60kgs Win KO 2.36 Round 8 Over Roger Izonritei 105.20kgs

Boxing Results: Mayfield RSL Club, Newcastle NSW
Friday 19th November 2004

Catchweight 4x2
Rob Pellizerri 98.00kgs (Former Cabana) Win KO 0.68 Round 1 Over Teari Heta 99.00kgs

Heavyweight 4x2
Pat Kennedy 108.00kgs Win On Points Over Osca Talemira 120.00kgs
Score: 40/36, 40/36, 40/37.

Catchweight 4x2
Nergan Garumo 61.10kgs Win On Majority Points Over Daniel Hoskins 61.70kgs
Score: 39/38, 39/37, 37/39.

Boxing Results: Blacktown RSL Club, NSW
Friday 19th November 2004

Featherweight 4x3
Mohamed Elomar 56.96kgs Win On Majority Points Over Rolando Gerongco 56.65kgs (Phil)
Score: 39/38, 38/38, 40/35.

Light-Heavyweight 6x3
Brett Smith 79.02kgs Win On Points Over Peter Brennan 79.01kgs
Score: 60/53, 58/56, 60/54.

Middleweight 6x3
Danny Geale 72.24kgs Win KO 2.22 Round 2 Over (Cut) Domenico De Vanna 71.88kgs

Super-Middleweight 6x3
Jamie Pittman 74.55kgs (Debut) Win On Points Over Sean Connell 74.55kgs
Score: 60/54, 60/54, 60/54.

Catchweight 4x2
Greg Foley 69.72kgs Win KO 0.28 Round 1 Over Mohammed Jamal Khan 65.43kgs

Lightweight 6x3
 Ben Cruz 60.89kgs Win On Points Over Ranee Ganoy 61.09kgs (Phil)
Score: 59/55, 60/54, 60/54.

Light-Heavyweight 6x3
 Nader Hamdan 78.79kgs Win On Points Over Justin Clements 78.99kgs
Score: 59/55, 60/53, 60/54.

Australian Lightweight Title 10x3
Allan Luxford 60.16kgs Win KO 2.08 Round 8 Over Michael Mlacic 60.64kgs

Boxing Results: Belmont Civic Centre, Geelong Victoria
Sunday 14th November 2004

Catchweight 6x3
Heath Stenton 75.00kgs Win On Tech Decision Round 2 Over Benny Horra 73.00kgs

Boxing Results: Knox Basketball Stadium, Melbourne Victoria
Friday 12th November 2004

Junior-Middleweight 4x3
Fili Mailata 67.90kgs (NZ) Win KO 2.52 Round 1 Over Danny Evans 67.00kgs (Debut)

Light Heavyweight 4x3
Johnny Walker 78.10kgs Win KO 1.46 Round 2 Over Colin Hunia 79.10kgs (NZ)

Lightweight 6x3
Yohannes Shefferaw 63.20kgs Win Majority Points Over Bart Abapo 61.90kgs (Phil)
Score: 58/58, 58/56, 58/56.

Victorian State Middleweight Title 10x3
Chris Collard 71.30kgs Win KO 2.42 Round 2 Over Adam Leavers 71.40kgs

PABA Light-Heavyweight Title 12x3
Paul Murdoch 79.30kgs Win On Points Over John Wyborn 79.30kgs
Score: 116/112, 117/111, 116/112.

Victorian State Light-Heavyweight Title 10x3
Tim Bell 77.50kgs Win KO 0.07 Round 7 Over Brad Reid 77.80kgs

Boxing Results: Clive Berghoser Recreation Centre,
Toowoomba Qld.
Saturday 6th November 2004

Middleweight 4x3
Danny Bellert 71.40kgs Win TKO 2.02 Round 2 Over Jay Washington 69.95kgs

Welterweight 4x3
Craig Monagle 65.85kgs Win TKO 2.52 Round 2 Over Jason Schubert 65.60kgs

Heavyweight 6x2
Colin Wilson 119.95kgs Win On Points Over Daniel Elliott 108.50kgs
Score: 60/54, 60/52, 60/54.

Queensland Supper-Middleweight Title 8x3
Jason Pearce 75.90kgs Win On Tech Points Round 4 Over (Cut) Monty Fualau 76.15kgs
Score: 29/28, 29/28, 29/28.

Catchweight 10x3
Sam Soliman 73.10kgs Win TKO 2.35 Round 4 Over (injured) Diego Castillo 71.55kgs (Columbia)

IBF/PPBF Lightweight Title 12x3
Michael Katsidis 61.20kgs Win TKO End Round 8 Over (injured) Sergio Rafael Liendo 61.05kgs (Arg)

Boxing Results: Springers Leisure Centre, Keysborough Victoria
Sunday 31st October 2004

Junior Welterweight 8x3
Lance Gostello 63.50kgs Win KO 0.16 Round 7 Over Singsamut Eausmpan 62.40kgs

Catchweight 8x3
Shane Brock 51.10kgs Win On Points Over Petchdam Sithsaithong 50.40kgs
Score: 79/73, 79/74, 78/75.

Boxing Results: State Sports Centre, Homebush Bay NSW
Friday 29th October 2004

Catchweight 6x3
Greg Eadie 60.65kgs (Debut) Win KO 0.54 Round 2 Over Kongdej Sithradjtrakan 57.25kgs (Thai)

Catchweight 6x3
   Ranee Ganoy 60.10kgs (Phil) Win KO 0.23 Round 1 Over Jungstar Min 58.45kgs

Lightweight 6x3
Billy Dibb 59.10kgs Win On Points Over Renaldo Geroncho 60.15kgs (Phil)
Score: 60/53, 60/54, 60/54.

IBF/PPBF Heavyweight Title 12x3
John "King Kava" Tupou 124.40kgs Win TKO 2.56 Round 3 (RSF) Over Richard Tataki 117.90kgs (NZ)
Ref: Craig Waller
Judges: Ces Perkins, Des Bloyd, Anthony Shipley.

WBC Youth Featherweight Title 10x3
Tommy Browne 57.10kgs Win On Split Points Over Rudy Lopez 57.05kgs (Mex)
Score: 96/94, 94/96, 96/94.
Ref: Brian McMahon
Judges: Brad Vocale, Bernie McMahon, Don Marks.

Boxing Results: Marrickville RSL, Sydney NSW
Tuesday 26th October 2004

Heavyweight 4x2
Peari Heta 99.15kgs Win On Points Over Rick McGlone 97.70kgs
Score: 39/38, 40/37, 39/37.

Cruiserweight 6x2
Peter Brennan 80.10kgs Win KO 1.44 Round 2 Over Farhad Jamal 80.60kgs

Super Middleweight 6x2
Sean Connell 72.50kgs Win TKO 1.18 Round 2 (RSF) Over Gerry Weber 73.60kgs

WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight Title 12x3
Peter Mitrevski 76.10kgs Win On Points Over Kali Jacobus 75.80kgs
Score: 118/110, 115/113, 115/114.
Ref: Gary Dean
Judges: Alex Fraser, Anthony Shipley, Des Bloyd.

Boxing Results: Kedron Wavell Services Club, Chermside QLD
Friday 22nd October 2004

Catchweight 8x3
Mick Shaw 61.10kgs  Win On Points Over Allan Luxford 61.45kgs
Score: 78/75, 77/75, 79/75.

Australian Heavyweight Title 10x3
Colin Wilson 117.30kgs Win On Points Over
Auckland Auimatagi 105.30kgs
Score: 100/90, 100/90, 100/90.

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