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Knox Netball Stadium, Vic
Friday 28th November 2008

Light Heavyweight 4x3
Jeff Stutt 78.20kgs Win TKO 2:49 Round 3 Over Joe D'Angelo 76.70kgs

Super Lightweight 4x3
Bhaskar Sinha 61.50kgs Win TKO 1:16 Round 2 Over Lee Hunter 62.60kgs

Middleweight 6x3
Johannes Mwetupunga 71.80kgs Win On Points Over Steve Anderson 71.80kgs
Score: 59/55, 58/56, 60/54

Super Welterweight 6x3
Eddie Delic 69.10kgs Win TKO 2:36 Round 3 Over Dion McNabney 69.00kgs

OPBF Female Super Bantamweight Title 10x2
Susie Ramadan 54.40kgs Win On Points Over Michelle Preston 53.20kgs
Score: 98/92, 98/92, 96/94

Welterweight 10x3
Oyewale Omotoso 66.70kgs Win TKO 1:51 Round 2 Over Aswin Cabuy 65.70kgs

Malvern Town Hall, Vic
Friday 21st November 2008

Catchweight 4x3
Robert Monitto 63.10kgs Win TKO 2:24 Round 4 Over Martin Toma 63.70kgs

Junior Middleweight 4x3
Jimmy James 67.20kgs Win On Points Over Jean Claude 68.60kgs
Score: 39/36, 39/37, 38/37

Catchweight 6x3
Lincoln Stewart 63.00kgs Win On Split Points Over Rey Anton Olarte 61.00kgs
Score: 56/58, 57/56, 57/56

Welterweight 6x3
Leigh Purcell 66.10kgs Win On Points Over Jurland Ceniza 64.90kgs
Score: 60/53, 58/55, 59/54

Victorian State Super Middleweight Title 8x3
Luke Moloney 75.60kgs Win On Split Points Over Frank Ciampa 75.90kgs
Score: 78/75, 75/77, 78/75

Victorian State Junior Middleweight Title 8x3
Shannan McMahon 69.80kgs Win On Points Over Paz Viejo 69.50kgs
Score: 78/74, 79/73, 80/72

Coburg, Victoria
Friday 14th November 2008

Catchweight 6x3
Eric Anaba 61.30kgs Draw with Johnny Sheferaw 60.80kgs
Score: 56/57, 58/57, 57/57

Heavyweight 6x3
Anthony McCracken 93.90kgs Win On Points Over Kim Heta 95.90kgs
Score: 59/55, 60/53, 60/54

Light Heavyweight 8x3
Kashif Mumtaz 77.50kgs Win TKO End Round 4 Over (Retired) Charles Njock 78.70kgs

Australian Light Heavyweight Title 10x3
Zdravko Micevic 78.30kgs Win On Points Over Joel Casey 79.00kgs
Score: 97/91, 95/94, 98/90

Sunshine, Melbourne Vic
Saturday 25th October 2008

Light Heavyweight 4x2
Evan Themelakis 77.80kgs Win On Points Over Joe D'Angelo 77.80kgs
Score: 39/37, 39/37, 40/37

Brunswick, Melbourne VIC
Friday 17th October 2008

Women's Junior Featherweight 6x2
Susie Ramadam 55.40kgs Win TKO 1:58 Round 1 Over Kwanpirom Muangroi-ed 54.00kgs

Welterweight 8x3
Oyewale Omotoso 66.60kgs Win TKO 2:18 Round 2 Over Saengsakda Charoenkasem 66.70kgs

Docklands, Melbourne Victoria
Sunday 5th October 2008

Junior Welterweight 4x3
Sedat Tasci 61.40kgs Win Split Points Over Eric Anaba 61.70kgs
Score: 38/37, 38/37, 37/38

Junior Middleweight 4x3
Ben Costello 68.20kgs Win Majority Points Over Nick Themelakis 67.90kgs
Score: 39/37, 38/38, 40/36

Welterweight 6x3
Jordan Gee-Hoy 66.50kgs Win Split Points Over Tim Hunt 65.90kgs
Score: 56/57, 57/56, 58/55

Heavyweight 4x3
Kim Heta 98.10kgs Win TKO 1:06 Round 3 Over Hiriwate Te Rangi 114.30kgs

Australian Junior Middleweight Title 10x3
Tui Leveni 69.10kgs Win KO 2:59 Round 4 Over Pat Rullo 69.40kgs

WBO Oriental Junior Welterweight Title 12x3
Somchai Nakbalee 63.30kgs Win TKO 2:58 Round 6 (RSC) Over Lance Gostelow 63.30kgs

PABA/OPBF Light Heavyweight Title 12x3
Tim Bell 78.60kgs Win TKO 0:15 Round 8 (RSC) Over Daniel Lovett 78.20kgs

Darebin Sports Centre, Melbourne Vic
Friday 26th September 2008

Heavyweight 6x3
Steve Gillingham 91.70kgs (Debut) Win Points Over Jamie Middleton 94.30kgs
Score: 58/57, 59/55, 59/56

Featherweight 6x3
Mark Quon 56.30kgs Win Points Over Kane Buckley 56.50kgs
Score: 59/55, 60/54, 59/55

Victorian State Welterweight Title 8x3
Steve Maxwell 64.20kgs Win Points Over Robert Monitto 63.60kgs
Score: 80/72, 79/73, 79/73

IBF Pan Pacific Youth Bantamweight Title 10x3
Daniel Iannazzo 53.50kgs Win Points Over Narongchai Kiapaiboon 53.30kgs
Score: 99/92, 99/91, 99/91

IBF Australasian Light Heavyweight Title 12x3
Jon Walker 78.90kgs Win TKO 4 2:00 Round 4 Over Komgrit Nanakorn 79.20kgs

IBF Pan Pacific Welterweight Title 12x3
Heath Ellis 66.60kgs Win Points Over Kongthawat Sorkitti 63.80kgs
Score: 120/107, 120/107, 120/107



The source for official results shut down for some time therefore YVB stopped publishing them from 29th Feb 2008 until 25th Sep 2008



Knox Netball Stadium
Friday 29th February 2008

Catchweight 4x2
Dale Charter 79.70kgs Majority Draw With Chochana Sithkrupon 78.60kgs
Score: 38/38, 38/38, 37/39

Womans Catchweight 4x2
Susie Ramadan 56.10kgs Win TKO 1:07 Round 3 (RSC) Over Nongtak Sakrunggruang 53.40kgs

Junior Middleweight 4x3
Steve Attard 68.00kgs Win TKO 1:20 Round 2 (RSC) Over Steve Brophy 67.60kgs

Junior Middleweight 6x3
Pat Rullo 68.20kgs Win On Points Over Brian Fogarty 68.10kgs
Score: 59/55, 60/54, 59/55

Super Middleweight 6x3
Sosaia Vaka 75.60kgs Win TKO 2:20 Round 4 Over (Retired) Paul Bourke 74.70kgs

Welterweight 8x3
Oyewale Omotoso 66.00kgs Win TKO 2:37 Round 1 (RSC) Over Jakklit Suwannalert 66.10kgs


Basketball Centre, Echuca Vic
Saturday 9th February 2008 

Victoria State Super Cruiserweight Title 8x3
Dylan Goddard 93.9kgs Win KO 1:53 Round 5 Over Justin Bayley 94.3kgs 

Jnr Middleweight 6x3
Pat Rullo 69.1kgs Win Disq End Of Round 4 Over Rivan Cessaire 68.0kgs 

Catchweight 4x3
Thomas Yakubu 59.5kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Eric Anaba 62.2kgs
Scores: 40/36, 40/36, 40/37 

Heavyweight 4x3
Mafa Telepe 93.4kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Julian gallin 99.5kgs
Scores: 40/35, 40/35, 39/36

Jnr Middleweight 4x3
Robert Sanders 68.1kgs Win Unanimous Points Over Cuong Tran 69.9kgs
Scores: 40/36, 40/36, 40/35



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