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Boxers I have sparred with marked >>with record links below

  • George Bracken George Bracken - was my favourite boxer I just loved his flashy flurry of combination punches which he so expertly put together at the peak of his career. George was a shock puncher and he could stop a boxer with one punch, he was loved by everyone to say the least for his charitable efforts for children and his great boxing ability. ( I loved his skill  he was Boxing's tradesman )                                                                                                                                                              Video......  Bracken vs Carlos  boxing

  • Max Carlos Max Carlos - was a clean boxer with very good defensive ability typically of Ambrose Palmer's boys. Gathering points mainly with left jabs, very much like Johnny Famechon, but Johnny had a bit more potency behind his punches. People with good memories and old enough would remember the torrid fights he had with George Bracken which seemed to shorten his career. Maxie did have a frequent problem with cut eyes.                              

  • Johnny Butterworth Johnny Butterworth - Ex British National Champion - beat George Bracken over an exciting 12 rounds at Festival Hall in a non title fight but lost by tko in the 11th of a 15 round Australian title fight. ( he was rather well past his prime and his legs could not carry him over the distance)                                                  Video ...... Butterworth vs Bracken boxing

  • David Oved  David Oved - Now a very good friend of Young Victor had started his early fights in the USA and ventured to his homeland Israel and had 4 fights, he then fought in England, Scotland and Ireland before he continued his career in Australia where he ended up fighting George Bracken for the National Lightweight  Title.                                                                                                                            Videos ......................... Oved vs Carlos boxing  Oved vs Bracken boxing

  • Frank Flannery 

  • Russell Sands  Video .............................Sands vs Carlos (white trunks). boxing

  • Love Allotey

  • Johnny Famechon

  • Clive Stewart

  • Lionel Rose

  • Aldo Pravisani Aldo Pravisani - A master of the art, Aldo expertly harnessed his condition throughout his fights which enabled him to fight well beyond his normal boxing life expectancy. He fought well into his late 30's, He held the Australian lightweight crown.

  • Wally Taylor World rated Australian featherweight champion

  • Peter Read Peter Read - Unlucky not to have gained the empire title as he had a decision on next champion. 

    Peter's career stopped abruptly due to an eye injury, the cost was higher than just boxing as he was rather model material in looks.

  • "Gym friends, Some are previous opponents, and boxers I knew."

  • Johnny Butterworth      YV had exhibition fight at Frankston Hotel  3 rounds and hundreds gym sparring with Johnny.

  • Aldo Pravisani

  • Les Dunn

  • George Beris

  • Bobby Liddle Bobby Liddle - Now the President of the PPBA. Frequently in the news about mining and other local issues and activities in The Alice. 

  • Les McLean Sorry to say in a sparring session I Ko'd Les in Ambrose Palmer's Gym as he wanted it rough, I basically had no choice, lucky for me I was warned that he goes hard in the gym against anyone.

  • Jack kriss 

  • Paul Ferreri

  • Johnny Clarke

  • Tommy Collins

  • Mario Magriss Mario Magris - Now is the Secretary of the PPBA (Past & Present Boxers Association) He is responsible for bringing this body together from an advertisement for a reunion of boxers from the past, they met in a pub - its been going ever since. Mario is famous for Lionel Rose's first 2  professional fights its also said that he went close to getting a decision in one of them, they were 8 rounders.

  • Johnny Famechon I placed Johnny here because of my sparring while preparing for a come-back in 1967 which did not eventuate.

  • =================================================================================

  • Additions here are not part of "Boxers of Our Time" 1958/63 & later 1967 but notable enough to be remembered because of strong relationship to the author.  Tony Aquilina    This happens to be my youngest brother. (occasionally he wants to fight me pftt...) Tony eventually trained with Ambrose Palmer showing good promise but did not have the killer instinct needed to push on in boxing.

boxing Ambrose Palmer's legendry ability and techniques.

If you have been left out of this list please enter your name here - email address would help if avail.

  • "Boxers of the Past I have been meeting with at the PPBA Reunions"

  • Henry Nissen My now very good friend, a person that works hard for charity and has a heart of gold. A past Commonwealth (Empire) champion

  • Leon Nissen My good friend Leon is Henry's brother and is seen at the PPBA Reunions at every opportunity unfortunately he had to stop boxing from a some hindrance and not listed on Boxrec.

  • Johnny Wheeler Johnny was one of the nicest people you can meet, he has since passed away. (He was a Credit to Boxing)

  • Mick Croucher Owner of the World Boxing Foundation ( WBF )

  • Jack Rennie Legend trainer of Lionel Rose and a man that has done so much for Australian Boxing.

  • Fred Camilleri Maltese boxer that had to stop his career early due to some illness.

  • Bobby Bath Bobby fought for the Australian featherweight title, he came from Ballarat. (record on Boxrec seems short)

  • Kevin Glover

  • Ross Colosimo

  • Archie Bryant

  • Peter Read 

  • Les Dunn

  • Bobby Daldy

  • David Oved

  • Pasquale Cursio

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Memory Lane.

From left Max Carlos, Johnny Wheeler and George Bracken.

Former 1956 Olympian in Melbourne Max and George had world war 1,2 and 3, all in packed houses at West Melbourne Stadium.

Both local Melbournians but, National Champs.


Right - Johnny Wheeler in his heyday, Johnny and Max were from the same stable, Ambrose Palmer's gym, he has had a long career as a referee and more recently a boxing judge.

Bracken  Carlos  Wheeler



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Foster Bibron

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Keith Lewis

Young Stanko

Mario Gigliotti

Sam Lambozzitti

Alf O'Sullivan

Guirini Orlando

Tony Vickers

Archie Bryant

Jack Kriss



Johnny Clarke

Young Macka



Bonny Missen

Bobby Liddle














Guizani Rezgui

Pasquale Curcio

Giacomo Gulino


Aldo Pravisani

Les Dunn

Denis Manger


Ed Bialtie

Young Victor

Johnny Evans


David Oved

Cec Rodgers

Neil Brooks


Chis Robertse

Ray Weller




Young Victor on clip with (rock & roll band) friends in 1966, 4 years after retiring from pro boxing

At the time of training at Ambrose Palmers gym in preparation for a comeback fight.  boxing

This is a time when YV was making an attempted comeback to boxing which did not eventuate.

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