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President : Bob McLeod 9458 3530 - Vice President : John McCubbin. 

Secretary : Hank Stanley 9687 2689 Social Secretary : Jack Tucker 9331 6460

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The VBTL only meet once a year however any officials are welcome to send information to be included on this site.

"Victorian Boxing Trainers League"

(The Victorian Boxing Trainers League and the Past and Present Boxers Association combined  were the old Past and Present Boxers Association as was known in Young Victor's boxing days)

Originally - Past & Present Boxers Club of Victoria was founded in 1939 by George Harrod, ring name Young Knuckler.


note: Young Victor encourages all members with any news about themselves or otherwise to get it included on this website. (please send your photo)

Victorian Boxing Trainers League awards 2009


YVB decided to do their presentation on the same night and place as the Victorian Boxers & Trainers League.

This will be at Malvern Town Hall during the venue for the WBC Women's Middleweight title clash 20th Dec. 2009


!What a great year of boxing we have had !!

A special thanks to all Aussie promoters keeping the game at the forefront as without them boxing just goes on unnoticed.

This is why the YVB website and award exist.

(below you can see the small range of awards made by Young Victor's YVB)

YVB also bring to you online this years effort by the now very small committee of the old Boxers & Trainer League which seems to be in the doldrums as the main mast for this is the now rather tired John (Hank) Stanley.

The following Awards to fighters, trainers and promoters have been recently organized by Keith in place of Hank Stanley but this year YVB and many local boxing men and women filled the gap to keep these awards alive.


This year YVB have decided to change their awards (which is seen in earlier years down this page) to the ones shown here.

YVB only intended to present "YVB FIGHT OF THE YEAR" & "YVB PROMOTER OF THE YEAR" but promoters went up in arms in a massive confusion between the VBTL awards and YVB awards.


Victorian Boxing Awards 2009

(This is this year's alternative to VBTL Awards)

With all respect to Hank Stanley who is now unable to continue due to old age. Hank's past years of efforts in keeping these awards going strongly has finally ended.

Hank is still seen in attendance at PPBA reunions.

Committee members present:

Brian Membrey, Peter Maniatis, Young Victor, Damian Membrey, Werner Kalin, Angelo .... and present were  Boy George and Lynette Aquilina.


Most Valued Person in Boxing......Peter Maniatis

Fighter of the Year.......Oyewale. Omotoso

Fight of the Year...... Solomon Haumono - Justin Whitehead

Trainer of the Year.....Keith Ellis

Best Prospect...... Justin Whitehead

Best Female Boxer.... Susie Ramadan




 At Malvern Town Hall during the venue for the WBC Women's World Middleweight title clash 20th Dec. 2009

YVB Website Yearly Awards 2009

Promoter of the Year

Peter Maniatis

Peter Maniatis Events

and channel 31's KO Boxing TV show

Peter Maniatis

Most Prestigious Promotions

Brian Amatruda - Barry Michael Sports

"Box on the Docks events at Docklands"


Most important Promotion of the Year

David Deicke - Keith Ellis

Prestige Sports Management with channel10's broadcast fight night of "SUPERBOXER"

David Deicke - Keith Ellis

Fight of the Year

"Eddie Delic vs Shannon McMahon 20th Nov 2009"

"WBF Intercontinental Light Middleweight title fight"

Eddie Delic    Shannon McMahon

View YVB Award details

At Malvern Town Hall during the venue for the WBC Women's World Middleweight title clash 20th Dec. 2009


(left) Peter Maniatis winner of "YVB Promoter of the Year 2009" (right) Bernie Balmer receiving award for Brian Amatruda/Barry Michael Promotions for "Most Prestigious Promotion of the Year 2009"


David Deicke receiving the YVB Most Important Promotion of the Year 2009 trophy.

 David received it also, on behalf of his partner Keith Ellis for Prestige Sports Management.



Victorian Boxing Trainers League end of year Presentation Day


At - Moonie Valley Racecourse Function Room.



 This was run by Keith Ellis with Damian Membrey to keep alive a very old tradition.


Promoter of the Year

For the third time in the last 4 years Peter Maniatis has won this prestigious Boxing award, he must be doing something right.

Peter is a hard working man in the sport and hosts TV channel 31 Boxing show aired twice a week.

He has been doing this for the last 4 years and he is immensely proud of doing of it.

We hope to see more of  Peter "pistol" Maniatis also called Mr. Latte by his peers as he frequents trendy cafes in Melbourne.


Promoters Head to Head

Brian Amatruda - Barry Michael Sports and Peter Maniatis Promotions have been holding exciting Venues in Melbourne Town causing a frenzy in the sport of Boxing for the fans.

Brian and Barry with astonishingly classy setups for white collar fans and Peter with budget priced shows which give the larger section of Melbourne fans a chance to attend our great sport.

Both parties are very successful and well known in this town. We have other successful promoters which need mentioning the likes of Keith Ellis Promotions, Korica Promotions, (newcomers) Iannazzo Promotions and Fighters Factory Boxing, they are all  looking good in Victoria. YV

No1 photographer in Australian Boxing retires from his massive contribution he makes to  our beloved sport.

Werner Kalin asked Young Victor the editor of this website to announce his retirement.

This was following his acceptance of the award of "Best Boxing Camera Man Photographer" of the year 2008. What was mostly embarrassing about Werner's award was that an old leftover 2007 trophy with a removed plaque so un-named was used to honour his unparalleled contributions to Boxing.

A lot of what seemed last minute changes were made to the recipients list quite different to YV's (committee member) list which was compiled at the last meeting which had determined the finalists.

Many in Boxing know that Werner's tireless efforts and assistance to the entire industry will be missed and are hoping that after the new year he reconsiders.......

This website will publish the official list when it is made available.


Victorian Boxing Trainers League end of year Presentation Day 2007

At - The Grand United Cricket Club at J R Parsons Reserve.



 This was run by Keith Ellis with and Damian Membrey to keep alive a very old tradition.

Due to very short notice of a couple of days there was only a small attendance but Keith Ellis and Damian with the help from Bryan Membrey, Howard Leigh, Werner Kalin (photos) Chris Anderson (music) did a great job in getting things rolling.

YVB got things rolling with the video of the event for those that want to download it and save it to disc or their computer for memories sake. (download directions)


2007 Professional Boxing Awards:


Fighter of the Year     Sam Soliman
Runner Up Fighter of the Year    Tim Bell
Fight of the Year     Daniel Lovett v Nader Hamden
Promoter of the Year    Murray Thomson
Best Fight promotion    Keith Ellis Dallas Brookes Hall
The Lionel Rose Victorian "Mr Boxing" Award   Peter Maniatas
Trainer of the Year    Keith Ellis
Best First Year trainer   Mario Partizzi
Russell Sands Memorial Award   Shannon McMahon
Reg Undy Best Ringside Personality Award   Young Victor

Most Courageous
  Jon Walker
Most Tenacious   Chris Collard
Best Prospect   Travis Staron
Best Upset   Frank Laporto
Most Consistent
  Kerry Palmer
Best Photographer
   Werner Kalin
Best Debutant
   Zdravco Micevic
Best Round of the Year
  Andre Meunier v Dylan Goddard R1
Best Sportsman
  Luke Moloney
Mr 100%
  Heath Ellis
Most Popular
  Jim Tsitas
Best Young Gun
  Daniel Iannazzo

by Damian Membrey.



Damian seen here very pleased with presenting the Fighter of the year award to the popular champion boxer Sam Soliman.

A video was made while this took place  boxing video clips taken out




2006 was not held as Hank Stanley was too sick to cope 2006



Victorian Boxing Trainers League end of year Presentation Day 2005


2005 Victorian Trainers League Professional Boxing Awards

Boxer of the Year:                                        Tim Bell
Runner Up Boxer of the Year:                     Shannon McMahon
Promoter of the Year:                                   Peter Maniatas
Trainer of the Year:                                      Murray Thompson
Fight of the Year:                                          Eddie Delic v Shannon McMahon
Best International Performance:                 Dale Westerman
Most Courageous Boxer of the Year:         Chris Collard
Services to Boxing:                                       Howard Leigh
Best KO:                                                        Clinton Johnson
Most Improved Award:                                 Pradeep Singh
Best State Title win:                                      Jon Walker
Multi Media Award:                                      Barry Michael
Best Provincial fight:                                     Kane McKay v Sonnie Michael Angelo
Best Provincial Promoter:                             Ian Fear
Rising Star Award:                                         Costa Chondros
2005 Achievement Award:                             Paul Murdoch
All Action Award:                                           Shane Brock
Crowd Pleaser Award:                                   Justin Nolan
Best Come back Award:                                James Grima

Best first year performer:                              Kane McKay
Best Professional Debut for 2005:                 Luke Moloney

YV thanks Damian Membrey for this list  he kindly passed to him and made it possible to be shown here

One of, if not the biggest turnout of Boxers, Trainers, Promoters, and Friends all showed up to enjoy what turned out to be one of the best boxing functions of the year.

All our gratitude goes to Hank Stanley helped by his daughter Christine for setting it up so well and making a great day to be remembered.
This was by no means because it was nearly free but because boxing people must like to meet often and have a good time.
Trophies were presented to all recipients as listed in the main page for VBTL NEWS (where it says click here)

YV donates the Most Improved Fighter of the Year trophy with pride and is very grateful to all boxers past and present in attendance for the friendship they showed to him.

Fighters like Justin Nolan, Tim Bell, Shannon McMahon, 



Firstly the fun times








19 2021 




































2004 Victorian Trainers League Professional Boxing Awards

21 November 2004 The ANNUAL PRESENTATION AWARDS. was held at Maribyrnong/Maidstone RSL 56 Raleigh Road Maribyrnong.

Young Victor (winner of the same award in 1960) is the donor of the "Most Improved Boxer of the Year" proudly helped with the presentation.       Donation was $10 Drinks and meals at bar prices.

Nov 21 2004 - And the winner of the VBTL "Most Improved Boxer of 2004 - is Jon Walker


Above Young Victor, Hank Stanley and Jon Walker, Jon the winner of the Most Improved Boxer of the Year 2004 Award.

You can also say - Jon Walker wins Young Victor's Most Improved Boxer of 2004

This young fighter has lots of ability showing this by putting away an experienced boxer like Colin Hunia in 2 rounds at Knox Basketball Stadium venue 12 Nov 2004 - The Young Victor donated trophy could not have had a better recipient.


Victorian Boxing Trainers League  Victorian Boxing Trainers League  


Hank Stanley above with his daughter Christine's help run the whole show and do a great job in keeping the trend going, I certainly hope it is carried on indefinitely. 

boxing Victorian Boxing Trainers League  

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Photos with 1/ Henry Nissen 2/ Paul Ferreri 3/ Kevin Glover 4/ with Johnny Wheeler and Noel Sharp.

Victorian Boxing Trainers League                                                                        Victorian Boxing Trainers League

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