Vic Darchinyan v Glenn Donaire.

IBF/ IBO Flyweight championship of the world.
Las Vegas, 7th of October.

For me, this upcoming fight on the undercard to Corrales v
Casamayor III is nothing more than a " tune up, keep him busy"
kind of fight, while waiting for a big money fight in 2007.
How could it be anything else?

With none of the other flyweight champs, willing to risk what
they have, and step through the ropes to have a go with the "
Raging Bull", and really, no other flyweights out there for him.
What's he going to do? He has to fight someone.
This fight against Donaire is all about exposure on a high
profile, premier event, pay per view show, and hopefully show
the American fight fans, some more of his relentless attacking
style, that will set up a crackerjack fight with the lolly pop
sucking Mexican cowboy, Jorge Arce. That is the big one, everyone
wants to see.

Come Saturday the 7th of October, it will be strictly
business, for the man from Armenia, and another stepping stone on
the path to Arce, and another chance to show his power, at the
expense of the boxer, puncher, Glenn Donaire.

Glenn Donaire [ W16 [ 9KOS] L2 D1 ] has been fighting
professionally since late 2000, fighting six and eight rounders ,
only going the championship distance twice . He comes forward,
throwing punches, [ which will suit Darchinyan ] with power, but in
saying that, he seems to lose some of his dig, the longer the
fight goes.
In 2005, he faced the Filipino southpaw banger, Z Gorres,
and following a big headclash early on in the opening round, he
was floored by a right hook, which he just couldn't recover from,
later claiming he could not see, due to the severity of
swelling to his eye. The fight was stopped . He surrendered.
Donaire came back from his devastating loss with a couple of
wins to finish off the year on a high. So far in 2006, he
has fought out a draw with the inexperienced Jose Albuquerque,
over six rounds, and in May, he fought Cesar Lopez, for the
vacant WBO, NABO flyweight title, and out punched Lopez to win
the best fight of his career thus far.

In Darchinyan, Donaire will be facing a fighter who at 30
years of age, is peaking right now, and is without doubt, the
strongest flyweight in the world today. He is also a southpaw,
who has his own awkward style which he uses to confuse his
opponents, before he takes them out.
Its not pretty, but its effective, and I feel "The Filipino
Bomber" wont be able to handle Darchinyan, and will be bombed out
before six rounds.

The bottom line is simple. Darchinyan will get another pay
day, a little bit more exposure, probably call out Arce, maybe
call him a chicken, and leave the fight fans around the world
with a new hope for mayhem in the future, and ultimately, a
match up with the most exciting fighter in the lighter weights.
Jorge Arce.

Gary Todd is an international author with his book on world
champions, "Workouts from boxings greatest champs" and has been
involved in all aspects in the sport of boxing for over 25

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