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Roy Jones Jr.'s promotions company has filed a lawsuit alleging that fighter Danny Green used illegal hand wrappings in a 2009 fight that saw Jones knocked out in the first round.

The lawsuit filed Tuesday also claims that Green, an Australian, refused to allow Jones to invoke the rematch clause in the contract and that Green's company owes Jones an unspecified amount of money from the bout.
Green defeated Jones in the first round of the IBO world cruiserweight title fight on Dec. 2 in Sydney, Australia.
The referee stopped the bout and declared Green the winner by technical knockout after 122 seconds.
It was Jones' sixth loss since 1989 but his fourth loss in his previous nine fights. The Pensacola native has 54 wins, 40 by knockout. The 36-year-old Green retained his title.
"We don't make excuses. It was a great performance by Danny," Jones told reporters after the bout.
The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Pensacola by Jones' Square Ring Inc. and names Green Machine Boxing, Green v. Jones PTY LTD and Green himself as defendants.
The suit alleges that Green violated the International Boxing Organization's guidelines and a New South Wales Boxing Commission guideline for hand wrappings.
Green applied surgical tape directly to the skin of his hands instead of using the tape to hold a soft gauze bandage in place. He also used a 2-inch tape instead of the allowed 1-inch tape, the lawsuit says.
"The combination of these materials and layering techniques resulted in the creation of a 'soft cast' substantially more rigid than if the IBO Rules had been complied with," the lawsuit alleges.
Jones and his company also claim Green's promotion company Green Machine Boxing still owes him money generated from the fight, the suit says. The contract says the companies would split the revenue 50-50. Jones claims his company is owed an unspecified amount of damages "believed to be in the millions of dollars."
The third prong of the lawsuit involves Green refusing to allow Jones to have a rematch.
John Wirt, the chief executive of Jones' Square Ring Promotions and the attorney for Jones' promotions company said Friday that he did not wish to comment on the lawsuit.
In the weeks after the fight, Jones' management team asked the Australian boxing commission to disqualify Green and to overturn the victory saying the wraps meant Green's hands were a "very dangerous weapon," according to a statement given to the Los Angeles Times.
Green's camp countered and Green himself wrote a personal response to Jones saying the former Olympian's complaints were an "endless series of excuses and false allegations."
He said the hand wraps were personally inspected by three independent inspectors who certified they were legal and gave him no advantage in the bout.
"This is a low blow as you are saying that I cheated to beat you," Green said.







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