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Saturday 27 February 2010 view 
Racecourse, Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia
light heavyweight Daniel Lovett 18(10)-4(2)-0   L Shane McConville 3(0)-0(0)-4   MD 10 10  
  ~ vacant Australian light heavyweight title ~
flyweight Omari Kimweri 5(2)-2(1)-0   W Matt Meredith 3(1)-6(4)-1   KO 1 10  
  ~ vacant Australian flyweight title ~
welterweight Samuel Colomban 14(6)-3(0)-0   W Junmar Dulog 5(2)-18(5)-2   TKO 4 6  
super bantamweight Daniel Iannazzo 15(4)-0(0)-0   W Lertsila Singmanasak 5(2)-6(3)-0   TKO 4 6  
middleweight Ben Costello 4(3)-3(0)-1   W Aswin Cabuy 11(4)-14(6)-1   UD 6 6  
  Pat Rullo 9(1)-1(1)-1   L Rey Anton Olarte 9(1)-12(3)-3   UD 6 6








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