Boxing historian plays down Green-Jones hype


Saturday, 06 November 2010 01:58:10 PM



This promotion will feature two Victorian Title fights.
One fight is for the vacant Middleweight title between popular Heath Ellis against Benny Horra.
This fight will be add the fourth Victorian title to Heaths previous three at lightweight, welterweight, super welterweight.

Ellis is aiming at the vacant Victorian middleweight title and becoming a state champion in 4 different weight classes, Peter Maniatis is now Heath Ellis's manager and promoter and expects Heath to bring his carrear back in line after his defeat against Steve Maxwell.

If Heath wins this fight he will be the first boxer to win four Victoeian Titles.
Heath's idol in boxing is Manny Pacquiao a seven multiple division champion.
Heath says he is inspired by Manny to win his 4th Victorian title.

The bigger and stronger Benny Horra will make this difficult for the well skilled and faster Heath Ellis with his superior strength.
The result will depend on Heath's skill to see the fight out and possibly stop his opponent if the oprtunity presents itself.

Hotshot speedy Tim Hunt will fight Ashwin Cabuy for the Victorian welterweight title.
Cabuy has a win over Sam Columban and will be a tough opponent for Hunt.
Tim Hunt is an exceptional skilled boxer and is expected to go the distance and outpoint his opponent.

Abner Llanasa is fighting Jimmy James who is the new queensland welter weight champion.

New Victorian light heavyweight champion Dane Cambell and callan Orchard will fight a rematch on the night after their last fight which was a cracker of a fight.

8 big professional bouts on the night at Malvern town hall !!!!

Peter Maniatis

Good story for you my friend Victor..


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