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Casey and Robert

3-time world champion and current IBF Jr. Lightweight titlist, Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero (25-1-1, 17 KO's) is seeking prayer from the boxing community for his wife Casey, who is battling Leukemia.  A bone marrow transplant procedure was required to keep her chances of living ongoing and every day is a battle for her life. 


"Right now I'm going through a difficult time dealing with my wife Casey's illness with Leukemia." stated Guerrero, "Fortunately we found a bone marrow match, but there are some complications that are making things difficult.  I'm asking everyone in the boxing community along with family, friends and the general public to keep Casey in their prayers.  I will continue to keep my faith in Jesus Christ and pray for understanding."


"The Ghost" was looking forward to a potential fight with Michael Katsidis on March 27th, but due to his wife's condition, he will remain by her side.  Guerrero went on to say, "I want to thank my promoter Golden Boy Promotions for their understanding in this situation.  I was ready to do battle with Katsidis but mentally my mind wouldn't be at 100%, and to fight a warrior like him you have to be at your best psychologically."


Mario Serrano
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  Guerrero's wife battling leukemia
By Dan Rafael ~
Junior lightweight titleholder Robert Guerrero, scheduled to face interim lightweight titlist Michael Katsidis on March 27, withdrew from the fight on Monday because his wife is seriously ill.

"It's a very tough situation," co-manager Shelly Finkel told "He can't fight like that. That's what we all told him and he finally agreed. It's too much."

Guerrero's wife, Casey, was diagnosed with leukemia two weeks before then-featherweight titleholder Guerrero was scheduled to defend his belt against Martin Honorio in November 2007.

Guerrero left his wife's bedside just a couple of days before the fight, knocked Honorio out in the first round, and returned to his wife and their two children.

Casey Guerrero's leukemia eventually went into remission but is back. She underwent a bone marrow transplant recently and has been at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, Calif., for about 10 days, Guerrero's co-manager Bob Santos said.

"They won't really know if the bone marrow is going to take, so we're hoping that it does," Santos said. "Robert wanted to fight. He thought he could spend half the day with her and train the other half the day, but she started to take a turn for the worse. I told him point blank there is no way I would allow him to fight. Me and Shelly had to talk him out of it. This is a tough sport and if he's going to fight somebody like Katsidis you have to be 100 percent focused. With this situation, how could he be?"

Santos said this was different than when Guerrero fought Honorio just after Casey's diagnosis.

"She had just been diagnosed and there was a lot of hope and optimism," he said. "The doctors were like, 'We can try this and we can do that.' In this case, it's hit or miss. We just don't know if the [bone marrow transplant] is going to work. If this doesn't work there is nothing they can do for you. She's at a point where if this doesn't work, unless there is divine intervention, she's in big trouble."

Richard Schaefer, the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, which promotes Guerrero, agreed with the decision to call off the fight. 

"I got the call and they said it's very serious," Schaefer said. "All of our prayers are with Robert and his wife and we hope that she can pull through. I feel so bad. They have two young kids. I hope that she will be able to make it. His wife is fighting for her life. That is way more important than any fight in a ring."  Continue Reading...








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