BERNARD HOPKINS'S interest in fighting Danny Green was all but wiped out by the controversy over the hand wraps Green used in his victory over Roy Jones jnr in Sydney.

Jones jnr's management has told us that Hopkins has agreed to fight Jones jnr - most likely at the end of April in Las Vegas.

''Bernard heard about what Green did, saw the wraps,'' said McGee Wright, Jones' manager. ''That was a big factor when we were doing the negotiation for the fight.

When Hopkins fought against Felix Trinidad in New York he made Trinidad re-wrap his hands three times.

Green would not get away with what he did against Roy.'' Green also missed out on the fight because he wanted to fight Hopkins in Australia.

''It wasn't a money issue - that's something Danny's camp want to tell people. It was because Danny wouldn't fight Bernard in America.''

But Wright has offered Green a fight on the Hopkins undercard. ''Yeah, I want to make an offer to Danny - I will fight him,'' Wright said. ''It will be in a Mixed Martial Arts format and we will be on the undercard. He looked at me after the [Jones jnr] fight and instead of being a gracious winner he wanted to carry on. I'll give it to him in the ring. We gave Danny's manager an 'f - you' by beating him to the Hopkins fight and I'll whip his boxer's behind in the ring if he has the courage to face me.''