Weight change furore Mundine pulls `old pro trick' - promoter Garrie Francisco


Tuesday, 31 January 2017 06:37:21 PM

Weight change furore Mundine pulls `old pro trick' - promoter Garrie Francisco

20/10/2009 8:52:00 AM
BOXING world champion Anthony Mundine has been condemned for a last-minute weight change that prompted his opponent to start their fight two days early yesterday. Farcical scenes broke out at the Launceston press conference after Alejandro Fillija exposed the practice. The Argentinian confronted and provoked Mundine who tore off his shirt and had to be restrained before dismissing the grievance out of hand. But co-promoter Garrie Francisco said the 27-year-old South American was justified to complain. "It's a bit of an old pro trick," he said. "They had contracted to fight at 74kg and he said he only found out this morning that Anthony wants to come in at 76kg. "Mundine has shown him absolutely no respect by saying he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He is showing a bit of contempt for his opponent. "If Mundine fails to reach 74kg it is technically a breach of contract, but this is not highly uncommon in the fight industry." Mundine brushed aside suggestions that the weight change was underhand, saying he had not been training very hard and had eaten too many chocolates and cakes. Fillija eventually stormed out of the Silverdome, implying home-town drawcard Daniel Geale would make a more worthy opponent. But Mundine responded by saying his opponent had the option of pulling out. "This is my show and if he wants to get paid he's got to agree," he said. "He either gets paid or gets a whippin' ".

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