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Saturday, 27 April 2013 03:48:19 PM

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YVB doing their best to Aussie Boxing Fans by showing you some shots taken.

(you will have to excuse the amount of times YV is in the photos)


Group scene: Bob Sheridan, Craig Trotter, Lovermore Nadou, Jeff Fenech, Sam Soloman, Barry Michael, Robbie Peden, Paul Upham.

Lester Ellis, Troy Waters, Henry Nissen, Johnny Famechon and Clive Stewart.

Henry Nissen

Henry was a TV Ringside idol back in the golden years of Boxing in Melbourne town.

Henry Nissen is one deserving fighter that gave Melbourne boxing fans so much during his career and is still doing what he does best which is charity work for homeless and other people needing help with life.

Henry is one of the nicest guys on the planet, a thorough champion in much more than can ever be expected of him.


Troy Waters presented by Craig Trotter

Troy fought Felix Trinidad a Hall of Famer who went on in turn to fight Oscar De La Hoya, Roy Jones Jnr, Bernard Hopkins and Ronald Wright.

His birthplace was in London, England but began his fighting career in NSW Australia before his Madison Square Gardens and MGM showings.


Great Explanation by a good Samaritan

A great crowd gathered at the MCG Olympic Stand Dining Room to pay homage to many of Australia's finest. With numerous Champs of all levels in attendance, including family, friends and fans alike, the evening was a great success overall. Taking the stage as M.C for the night, Paul Upham
was superb and kept the show ticking like clockwork.

Starting off with unfinished business, footage of Mr. Arnold Thomas (Australian Boxing Historian) in the USA, presenting the family of Sam Langford with his induction award, set the scene for a great night. Next to stage, all the way from Philadelphia, was Freddie Dawson-Elston III to claim his fathers award also.

With the inductees, Tommy Burns and Bill Doherty (Pioneers), Dave Smith and Hughie Meheghan (Old Timers), Clive Stewart and Bobby Sinn (Veterans), Troy Waters and Henry Nissen (Moderns), plus John McDougall and Will Lawless (Non-participants) being honoured, some great speeches and stories were swapped.

Ronnie Wills, the son of Bobby Sinn, travelled from QLD with Alan Moore to be there on the night. Unfortunately, Bobby Sinn passed away just a few short months ago, a very proud Ron Wills was presented his fathers award followed by a thunderous ovation. An equal ovation was to follow Henry Nissens induction, deservedly so, considering the tireless work for underprivileged and destitute people throughout Melbourne.

'Colonel' Bob Sheridan, the larger than life (and almost as large as John Candy for that matter) American commentator spoke with great praises of the many Aussies he's witnessed from ringside over the years. Pointing out the Troy Water vs Terry Norris encounter as one of the top ten heart stoppers he's had the pleasure of commentating.

Peter Fitzsimmons, Rugby giant, author and all round personality was present to speak of LEGEND, Les Darcy. With the elevation to 'Legend' status of Les Darcy, a great contingent were at hand for the event including Jimmy Clabby (Grand nephew of Jimmy Clabby), Dr. Les Darcy (Grand nephew) and Dave Pritchard (Grand son of Darcy trainer/ twice opponent Dave Smith).

Barry Michael made the stage for the presentation to the ANBHOF of a miniature Lionel Rose statue. With the cost of $12,000/per statuette, all monies go towards the erection of a 3 1/2 metre statue of Lionel at his birth place of Waragal, Victoria. With the presentation underway, a voice from the audience screams "Where's mine"??? No, Fammo has not lost his touch and the laughter reverberated around the room.

Those greats in attendance were too many to mention... Here's a short list.

Johnny Famechon, Jeff Fenech, Lovemore Ndou, Phillip Holiday, Trevor King, Clive Stewart, Craig Trotter, Barry Michael, Robbie Peden, 'Big' Bob Mirovic, Billy Males, Eddie Ellston, Alan Moore, Troy Waters, Henry & Leon Nissen, Athol McQueen, Lester Ellis and many more. All moved freely around the room and invited conversation from the guests at will. All in all, a great opportunity to meet and greet our champs.


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Jeff Fenech with Bob "colonel" Sheridan

Notes to be added soon

Sam "king" Solomon

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Clive Stewart - Arty Scott photographer PPBA

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Frank Maher Secretary ANBHOF

Notes to be added soon


Gus "legend" Mercurio with Ray "OAM" Wheatley

Notes to be added soon

David Henvey "Founder of ANBHOF" with Young Victor of YVB Network

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David Oved "Israel HOF" with Clive Stewart

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Ray Wheatley - Bob Sheridan

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Damian Membrey - YV - Brett McCormick President ANBHOF

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Lovermore Nadou with Ray Wheatley

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Sue Michael - Barry Michael Chairman PBPSB - Bernie Balmer - Fay

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Young Victor with Henry Nissan

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Young Victor with Clve Stewart

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Ellen Oved - Mary Solomon - Lynette Aquilina YVB Network

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Aneeka Williams Judge PBPSB with YV

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Irene Nissen - Ellen Oved - David Oved - Mary Solomon

Jeff Fenech - YV - Lester Ellis with son Darcy








Young Victor with Brett McCormick President of  Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame

Brett McCormick

President of the ANBHOF

Following the legendry Gus Mercurio, Brett McCormick is the president of the ANBHOF and under his guidance with all the efforts made by the secretary Frank Maher whom also places hours of tireless time with the help of  their colleagues in the committee have brought the Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame into world class.





This photo is in this lower section as YV is in it.

This was a touching embrace by Brett showing his nice feelings and yes YV's feelings towards Brett are similar.

Brett is a gem of a person with silent drive proving his worthiness in being at the helm of this prestigious organization.

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