Brian Membrey special :

  Thursday, 15 December 2016 04:09:45 PM


- The Ararat kid, Brian Membrey is a former fighter from the early 1950's who had 150 Amateur fights and a pro career with a record of 16-4 including 2 fights with the great George Bracken.

The special will cover highlights of Brians 63 years in boxing including:


- 140-10 Amateur career

- Representing Australia at 16 in New Zealand

- Dancing with Shirley Strickland at the Centennial games - Shirley has won more Olympic Golds than any other Australian track athlete

- Living by the Les Darcy Code

- Boxing stories from the old West Melbourne stadium

- Memories of Broadcaster Eric Ross, mentor of the great Ron Casey

- Memories of Ambrose Palmer - one of Australias greatest ever trainers

- Lionel Rose - Australia's greatest natural fighter?

- Favourite story when Lionel Rose met Prime MinisterPaul Keating

- Spending time with Harry Hopman - Tennis legend and Joe Louis fanatic

- Reflections on his 2 wars with Hall of Famer Aboriginal legend George Bracken

- Being knocked out by what Ray Mitchell termed as "the hardest punch ever landed at Sydney Stadium"

- Retiring from Boxing to become an artist and author

- List of Brian's favourite Australian top 5's in Flyweight, Bantamweight, Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight, Light Heavy and Heavyweight divisions. t

- Comments and stories from Brian's 40 year referreing and judging career including Frank Ropis, Lawrence Baby Cassius Austin, Hussy Hussein, Darcy Ritchie, Oyewale Omotoso, Barry Michael, Graeme Porky Brooke, Russell Sands

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