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Fenech puts Melbourne Boxing on a High

Fenech puts Melbourne Boxing on a High

24th. Jun. 2008

by Young Victor
Azuma Nelson came into the ring first and got loud ovation by the large crowd in attendance.
Fenech came in to a huge standing ovation, little different to the years back in 1992 when he fought Azuma at the Princes Park Football Ground in Melbourne.

Jeff Fenech put his Aussie critics that were badmouthing this event back in their armchairs.
Little did they expect that these legends can put on a show that satisfied logical thinking people and gave exactly what could be expected from two well past world legendry champions.
Jeff outsmarted the professor by few simple but effective techniques that worked to a tee which after all thatís how fights of world status are fought.
Obviously this could only work between fighters of their level of knowledge.
Jeff crowded Azuma for most of the fight with close encounters which to the inexperienced eye would look like fouling and would have expected the referee to make them break.
This did happen whenever they eventually got tangled.
After getting broken up by Melbourne's very experienced referee Malcolm Bulmer, Azuma would throw and sometimes land his bombs, some landing and looked like creating havoc however Jeff kept to his game plan and ended up in close quarters again where he was best performing.
The fight was reasonably full of action and exciting, quite unexpectedly, little did they pause and when they did this it was just for a very short while.

The 9th. and the 10th. Rounds.
Fenech coasted for the last two rounds and sensibly kept out of Azuma's attempt to put him away.
It was very well expected at this stage that Azuma Nelson would be going for a stoppage to win the fight and It was obvious that Johnny Lewis instructed Jeff to use the ring and that he was well in front on points and that all he needed was to be there in the finish.
The decision was popular despite the wooing at Jeff's lack of action in these last two rounds.
Jeff fought a plan which was executed to perfection.


WILLIAM Kickett underlined his star potential with a win over former world champ Gairy St Clair in their junior welterweight boxing bout at Vodafone Arena.
The main support before the Jeff Fenech-Azumah Nelson clash, Kickett took control in the middle rounds and then dominated the ninth of 10 rounds, which earned him a unanimous points decision. ......

IBF Pan Pacific Flyweight belt
In the only title bout of the night, Indonesia's Angky Angota won the vacant IBF Pan Pacific Flyweight belt by pipping Omari Kimweri of Tanzania on points after 12 bruising rounds.
The three judges awarded the fight to Angota, but two of them had him winning by just one point and the other had him ahead by two after an even tussle.

Justin Whitehead vs Justin Bailey
Victorian heavyweight Justin Whitehead began his professional career with a convincing win over Justin Bayley by knocking the Queenslander down in the third round.
Cameroon's Sam Columban scored an undisputed points decision over Kofi Manu from Ghana in their welterweight bout.

Shannon McMahon vs Australian Champion Mick Skaw
The welterweight bout between Queensland's Mick Shaw and Victoria's Shannon McMahon also went to the judges, who gave it a majority decision to Shaw.

Rob Sanders vs Ben Costello
In the junior welterweight bout South Australia's Rob Sanders won a majority decision over Victoria's Ben Costello.







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