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9/06/2008 4:00:00 AM

New Pan Asia Boxing Association middleweight champion Shannan Taylor has his sights set on challenging Germany's Felix Sturm for the World Boxing Association world title.

Taylor knocked out West Australian-based Indonesian Andreas Seran in the eighth round of a gruelling bout for the vacant PABA belt on the Gold Coast last Friday night.

In his 55th professional fight, Taylor's experience prevailed in a tight, tiring contest which puts him in the WBA's top 15.

Taylor, 36, fought a lot on the defensive, utilising counter-punching maneuvres as Seran continually took the fight up to the "Bulli Blaster", who relied on his superior boxing skills for his point-scoring in an evenly-matched contest.

In the eighth round, Seran pinned Taylor on the ropes as he had done for much of the bout, but Taylor was absorbing a lot of the punches on his gloves and arms - although quite a few were getting through - while also countering in close with blows of his own.

He punctuated the fight with glimpses of the Taylor of old and in the eighth he unleashed a couple of savage right-hand upper cuts which felled his opponent, who could not beat the count.

Taylor yesterday clarified that at the end of the seventh round, he was concerned about his bruised hip, but at the urging of cornermen Brad Gallagher and his father Steve said he had no intention of quitting.

"I'm fighting for my kids Nathalia, Rush and Chase. My kids are my life and boxing is the way for me to provide for my kids," Taylor said.

"I had prepared for a 12 rounder and was fighting accordingly.

"He (Seran) wasn't a heavy puncher, but he was a solid puncher.

"He knocked down Jamie Pittman (who went on to challenge Sturm for his world title) and he knocked out Sam Setu in one round, so I knew he was going to be a dangerous opponent.

"I was flat in the fight. I was boxing all right - no excuses - but I felt flat."

Some out of the ring tactics by Seran's trainer, Craig Christian, also unsettled Taylor going into the fight.

"The night before the fight, he (Christian) was on the buzzer of the place where I was staying every hour up to 4 o'clock," Taylor said.

"And on the day of the fight I was trying to have a nap at 3 o'clock and he was continually bipping the buzzer again.

"I understand he has to look after his fighter, but it was a bit rich to do that because he is supposed to be a friend."

The two times former World Boxing Foundation world titleholder is now a record three-times PABA champion and promoters Jamie Myer and Noel Thornberry are both looking to set up a showdown with Sturm.

"I'll keep soldiering on," Taylor said.

"I'm a warrior."








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