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Tony Aquilina, Young Victor's youngest brother breaks collar bone while cycling

16th Feb 2007

Tony, Young Victor's youngest brother was run into by one of his cycling friends during his exercising this morning at the Black Rock area in Beach Road, he was taken to the Austin hospital for closer examination and was found to have a broken collar bone and two broken ribs.

He is expects to be released later today.


Tony gets quite involved with his cycling and has performed quite well in the yearly Round the Bay tournament and at 60 years old leaves a lot of his opponents behind.

He is known to be the best at the finishing stages when he excels and shows up with the leaders.

Tony Aquilina unbeaten in 5 fights as an amateur was unlucky in having fought an experienced John Shocker Myles in his first pro fight to lose on points back in 22nd Nov 1969.

He was unlucky to lose a points decision to Terry Tears later in March 1970.

Tony was training fighters at the Collingwood Town Hall when the gym was passed to him by his former trainer Leo Cole.

Tony Aquilina (right) seen here having his pro debut fight against a very experienced John (Shocker Miles) Nov. 1969

at Caulfield Central RSL Melbourne. Peter Read former Australian middleweight champion the referee.


Tony loves cycling these days and has a professional bicycle, his comment to his brother whom on this issue is always telling him that he reminds him of the turkey asking for an early Xmas  was: I can't wait to get back on my bike.

Tony just loves riding.







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