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The “Great” Katsidis wants Pacquiao showdown

Michael 'The Great' Katsidis:
By Michael Katsidis: Of late I have had the pleasure of being able to associate myself with that of the Philippines’ champions. Since my fight with Czar Amonsot and my affiliation with the Philippines side when I lead them to victory against Mexico in the World Cup, I believe it has created a lot of interest, that day in Sacramento I stood in place of Manny Pacquiao who could not be present, the question is then raised, ’who is the greatest?’

I am ’the Great’ and that is the mark I wish to establish today in the world of boxing. I mean no disrespect and admire Manny Pacquiao, but there can only be one, and time will tell.

Michael “The Great” Katsidis is the WBO interim lightweight world champion with a record of 23-0 (20)








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