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Mundine out of hospital

Anthony Mundine has left hospital vowing to return to the boxing ring and beat his serious eye infection.
The WBA super middleweight world champion spent 10 days in hospital after picking up the infection when he cleaning a contact lens with his mouth and put it back in his eye during a recent trip to New Zealand where he was calling the Monty Betham-James Chan fight for Kiwi TV.
Mundine's doctor says The Man will still lose some vision in his left eye, which casts a doubt over his boxing future.
 But Mundine says he will fight back.
``I've fought adversity all my life. I've fought injustice, I've fought the best fighters in the world, but this is my hardest fight,'' Mundine told Channel 9.
``The vision is still blurry. I can see things but it's blurry.
''(But) I ain't done yet. Believe in me and pray for me and I will be back, God willing.''
Mundine's father said he was in line to fight the winner of November's unification bout between unbeaten super-middleweights Mikkel Kessler and Joe Calzaghe.
But Dr John Males said it will be some time before the full extent of the damage to Mundine's eye is known. 
``I still think it's likely he'll lose a degree of vision in the eye,'' Dr Males said.
``But it's very hard to say and we won't really know for weeks or possibly even months.''
Mundine, who struggled while in hospital with his inability to train and remain active, wants to resume training as soon as possible.
``I might hit the bag tonight, just lightly and see how I feel,'' he said. 

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