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Is there anything I can say that Michael already hasn't shown in both the Amonsot and Earl fights via left and right fists? Jesus H I don't remember the last time one guy was the victor in the two top candidate bouts for fight of the year honors, and we are only 6 months of the way there. Even before the Amonsot war the only thing I heard to the question of “what is FOTY,” and my weak exaggerations of Miranda-Pavlik was “Katsidis-Earl, nuff said.” Then I got to see Katsidis-Amonsot. Truth be told, at this point in my presidential bid if I were Senor Obama, Senorita Clinton, Herr McCain, or Sir Paul, I would trip over myself in trying to get Michael to bless a lucky rabbit's foot that would be rubbed over and over each night before I go to bed until the American presidential primaries were a lock for me next year.

Whatever it is they are putting in the water down under in Australia is obviously working thank you very much Mr. Howard. Any die hard boxa-aholic should be writing to his local promoter asking if they can see Michael the “Great” appear on a card in town and get overdosed on his pugilisticacity. In other words this kid should already have terms made up in his honor he's so good. HBO should be tossing loose women, who pay HIM money, through the Katsidis bedroom window, and forcing Larry Merchant to wear “I 'heart' Michael Katsidis” T-shirts on air. Not to be outdone Showtime should build a Katsidis statue and lug it around to every show setting it directly behind Bernstein and Albert as they provide on air commentary, while mentioning the Greek Aussie every other chance they get.

What other allegorical humor can I use to point out how great this kid is to the sport we all love to observe with a scientific passion? Achilles has been resurrected and he resides in the form of the kid who says “Mate,” every single foreseeable chance gets. Long live the “Great One.” Long live the Gladiator. “Those who are about to die salute you.” Brad Pitt tko 1 Russell Crowe. Rocky Stallone SD Sylvester Dixon. Katsidis UD Governor Conan Schwarzenegger. “I'll be back.” “Hasta La Vista Baby.” “Yo Adrian, I did it.” Uhhhhh, yea…………….

Basically, what I meant to say was, I've run out of disconnected thought fragments, irreverent sentences, and cheap comedic attempts at glorifying somebody who I obviously feel deserves it and doesn't need my help in proving it. It's time for Michael to take it from here.

BC: Hey Michael it is a great honor to speak with you. First off how are the eyes?

Michael Katsidis: Yup, they were marked up pretty easily but healed remarkably well. The scars are closing up quickly, and I am surprised by how well the cuts are fading. I should be ok in a few days.

BC: Could you see out of both eyes. In particular the left one during the bout?

Michael Katsidis: No I couldn't see out of my left one, and dealing with that was the hardest thing. Especially with the angles he was using to get at me.

Had I not had the injury I believe I would get the guy out of there earlier. At the same time without the injury it wouldn't be such a great and memorable fight so I am more than happy. As my first fight in the States I think it made its mark. All my fights are exciting and the fact that there is never a dull moment should be a credit to all my opponents.

BC: Has it given you new experience for the future in dealing with that type of adversity?

Michael Katsidis: Yup. I showed what I can do in a given situation, and next time if it happens I'll have that extra experience, particularly in the finishing stages. Valuable information came at me every 30 seconds of that bout and for such a short period it should benefit me way better for the rest of my career and will be something I hope to take into all my other bouts.

BC: Many people, me especially, cannot wait to see you fight again. Any news regarding this?

Michael Katsidis: You know me, as soon as possible, we will try to get it done. I'm one of those guys that, and yes there is a lot of talking in the sport, wants to produce results. I'm going to honor my managerial commitments and fight Diaz. To me that is something I feel the sport needs right now.

BC: How about the time frame of the healing as well as when we can expect to see Katsidis-Diaz?

Michael Katsidis: It will take a couple of months to completely heal. With me though I'd fight before that if the commissions let me. I've come here to start a new life and make a mark on the boxing world. This is my life here and now. I'm here to fight first and foremost.

BC: Yes I don't believe anyone should criticize you for being out of the ring after those injuries. I just want the detailed information regarding what the commissions said and so forth to be public so fans know when you can return?

Michael Katsidis: The commission ordered me to stay out of the ring for 60 days. If it was up to me I would fight and fight well. All of my fights are entertaining and I don't believe there is a boring one in the bunch. Some may criticize the opponent but remember you have to ask yourself how long the guy was in there? If the opponent is sub-par he won't last long anyway. I think the fans deserve, and are probably seeing real fighters if the bout goes long. I just want to show the boxing world there is someone out there that can make them follow the sport better. It is a great sport and the most basic form of fighting, and deserves to be restored to its former glory.

BC: What are your plans for the near future?

Michael Katsidis: Oh just going to stay in the US, focus on my duties to boxing and see what comes of it. If you ring me the day after the fight I always have time to talk cause I don't come out with a huge entourage or go out to massive 3,4 day parties. I was in the gym this week actually. Couldn't spar, but did some bag work to stay in form.

At the moment looking for promotional stuff for the next fight, enjoying my high off the victory, and I have plans to stay here for now and not go home. Plenty more of me to see.

BC: Do you think those injuries of yours were more gruesome then the ones suffered by Gatti his whole career and Klitschko in his bout with Lewis?

Michael Katsidis: Well, how do you even measure that? I Don't know how they affected Gatti, or Klitschko. One thing I do know is I was still able to defend myself, and I was still able to fight. There was no reason for the bout to be stopped and the officials acted very professionally on that night. My cutman, Jimmie Strickland did a bang up job too, and we were happy with him as well.

BC: I know the HBO crew mentioned how he wasn't at the right angle to properly work the cuts cause he was not in front of you but off to the side. Was this an issue?

Michael Katsidis: If you speak to Jimmie Strickland he'll tell you he was happy and thought he had every opportunity to do his job. When he did have to get closer he got in the ring and worked the cuts. Thanks to him I was bouncing around the next morning going to the beach, hanging with the Golden Boy people and just staying active. I realize that it could have been much worse for me and am thankful in that respect.

BC: As many have mentioned it is quite symbolic to have had you on HBO and winning in that fashion so soon after Arturo Gatti's loss. Do you find those comparisons to be accurate?

Michael Katsidis: It's interesting when one guy goes out, and then another one is born in this fashion. These things happen for a reason. I haven't met Gatti yet but I do look forward to it, because we have similar fighting styles. Just one of those things in life that happens randomly, but also by some sort of symbolic coincidence.

BC: One of the problems with Arturo was after tasting the thrill of such a hard fought victory, to me, he started depending too much on the blood and guts style to win. Do you fear that and are you mindful of this happening subconsciously?

Michael Katsidis: Not really. Emotionally and mentally that is just what happens sometimes. I am realistic, and I take things as they are, one thing happens in one fight when I have a particular style and might not happen against another opponent where I change my approach. My style from this fight might be tailor-made for somebody else, so I have to change things up, and I will change them up and show I have the intelligence and experience to drag that into the ring with me.

BC: I know that even though most fans were very impressed and thrilled with your performance, we over at BC did have one criticism. With cuts of that nature I know I was personally afraid that you could have been permanently injured with vision loss or might have been hit by something that you wouldn't see coming and get hurt worse. Do you understand this sentiment to having the fight stopped in time and would you have understood this decision if the doctor had made it?

Michael Katsidis: Of course you have to respect the doctor's decision, and there is nothing you can do about it if it happens. You can't start kicking and screaming about it like a baby, and have to take it, and move on cause that is what champion's do and that is part of the game. There are always many ways to look at it, and say things like, “what if this happened.” As I mentioned I believe if the injuries wouldn't come I would get him out of there.

Also you have to remember that somebody could ask or state that the fight was stopped prematurely.

BC: On the other hand I think the reason the doctor and referee did not stop the fight was because of how well you were doing in not getting hit as it progressed. It also looked like the threat of a stoppage spurred you on to take matters into your own hands.

Michael Katsidis: If they would have told me I had one more round after the 10th I would go out and try to do the same thing in the 11th that I did in the 10th. I put him down in that round and would try to do the same in the 11th. Since they let me fight on I didn't take the risk so I could live to fight another day because I couldn't see as well already.

BC: Does it make you more confident in your abilities or cautious in regards to inadvertently causing somebody serious damage?

Michael Katsidis: Neither all because this is the game I am in, and I'm prepared to die in there. My opponent knows what he is getting into when he steps into the ring and should be prepared to do the same. It goes without saying that I do not wish to permanently hurt any of my opponents. I was happy that the Filipino government promised him a high paying job upon his return to the Phillipines since he can't fight anymore.

BC: Well here is the thing of it. Lamon Brewster, before his bout with Klitschko, said the same thing about dying. After about 6 rounds he basically quit on his stool.

Michael Katsidis: (laughing) No way. I'm not a guy who tries to talk a lot and so far it has been good for me too, where nothing I say gets back to me. Hopefully I am not put into a situation where I contradict myself like that.

BC: Do you want to say anything publicly to Czar Amonsot? I think he did a terrific job too and his performance was just something that was simply overshadowed by your own brilliant one.

Michael Katsidis: Yea. I think that was the best fight of his life and I believe he was fighting for it in there. He had the heart to get up and keep going to the extent of suffering the damage that he did. I take my hat off to him. Graham Earl was in a similar boat and was in the same fight where he was fighting for his life and had no choice to show what he could do.

BC: There were talks of a Guzman Katsidis fight but it was cancelled. To many fans that fight would have simply been a gift from the boxing gods. Any news in regards to it?

Michael Katsidis: The fight was cancelled because he had some injury. From what I heard about it I believe I've worked through far worse. He doesn't deserve a shot at my title. You don't get those title opportunities often and if you do and get injured you are still supposed to fight. I don't believe anything about that injury.

It Would have been a great fight though. I'm a fighter that goes all 12 however, while he slows down after 6 so for that period it would have been a great fight.

BC: Anything funny or shockingly quotable to say to Joan? I think he trains not too far off from here over in Gleason's gym in New York. Any plans to come down there soon for some good publicity stunts?

Michael Katsidis: Nah, and no he doesn't get a mention. Opportunities don't knock twice.

BC: As you mentioned the Earl fight, this year you have been involved in at least 2 fight of the year candidates, vs him and vs Amonsot. Since I haven't had the pleasure of watching the former, which would in your opinion be a better candidate for fight of the year?

Michael Katsidis: Depends on what you like in a fight. If you appreciate blood and guts more, go for Amonsot. If you appreciate high drama then Earl is more for you. I was a different fighter in the Amonsot fight. I think Earl went down 4 times, got up and almost dropped me, because I punched so hard I ran out of oxygen and got wobbled.

Either way though I'm in the running to get it for sure. (Laughing)

BC: (laughing) Hell yea. Who else would you want to fight?

Michael Katsidis: Will not mention names because the person I am fighting next should get 100% attention as it is disrespectful otherwise. Being focused on the next fight is what makes it a good one.

BC: I know you have Greek roots. Tell us a little about your family and if you have anybody you want to give a shout out to for supporting you?

Michael Katsidis: My father. I think a lot of who I am comes from my heritage. 3 hours from Athens, is Larissa which is where my dad is from, and where Achilles was from, hence I go out dressed for battle the way he did. It's a psychological thing where I go into a zone and whether it is mythological or psychological in nature it helps put me in the right mindset. I also get support from my community and seeing masses of people rejoice over my victory, and that is better then them having to rejoice over victories in blood filled wars of the nature of Achilles' time.

BC: I know you are studying in college. What is your major and what plans do you have in that regard?

Michael Katsidis: I finished college. I know the commentator said something about it but in Australia college is different from university. It is like high school and I completed that.

BC: Do you have plans to go to University?

Michael Katsidis: Perhaps, but right now I am in the toughest game there is so I have to focus on that completely.

BC: Another thing I liked was your pre fight entrance. I think it is a great promotional angle. So with that in mind I have some questions regarding that stuff. Do you think any other heroes would stand a chance against Achilles in a fight?

Michael Katsidis: Not really. I guess it depends on his weakness, which was his achilles, but in boxing you can't hit below the belt so I should be ok (laughing).

BC: (laughing) Who is your favorite God from Greek mythology ?

Michael Katsidis: Not anyone in particular. I like each for their personal strengths and I believe symbolically they should all be admired. I should mention I am a believer in fact and living in the present so I differentiate between reality and fiction quite well.

BC: Did you like how Brad Pitt portrayed Achilles in Troy?

Michael Katsidis: Sure. It was a great movie.

BC: How about 300?

Michael Katsidis: That was good too, unrealistic in many ways, but I loved it. Great movie portraying courage and determination, and something I can in part experience and showcase in a realistic sense in a fight. Something that can help me try and change the world. I want to help push people to get up and change something about themselves, and I am not talking about just fighters, but any person in any profession. Office clerks, politicians, students, whoever.

There is a lot of room for changes in the world. If I can do that in some small part I'll die a happy person. While I can't look too far into the future, I can do my best right at this moment.

I look at other fighters sometimes and see what they go through and how they simply miss out on something greater by not understanding that their chance is here and now.

I'm ecstatic about the way the fight happened and also about the way Americans embrace that strength. I'm just pumped. I thought it was good in Australia but here it is completely unreal. I hope it keeps escalating.

BC: I very much see your point. To me I never participated in boxing but the reason I like it is that inspirational high you get in trying to write songs, or play other sports, or just doing anything period by being an observer of it. Want to add something in closing?

Michael Katsidis: Yea, exactly. Nothing to add in closing though.

BC: Well then thanks a lot for your time and hopefully we will be hearing from you on our radio show with Ricardo.

Michael Katsidis: Sure thing, anytime. Thanks Mate.










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