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Lester Ellis

Lester's hurt still hangs around

He portrays this by repeatedly doing things which bring the subject back in the news.

Young Victor thinks this could be dangerous as people like Lester sometimes go overboard with their threats as they eventually think they should go one step further.

This could be a wake-up call and should be followed up by the proper medical bodies in place.

Lester was one of our world champions and a good one at that.

Lester gave us his best so why shouldn't we do back to him what he did for us and help him with this issue.


Boxing star's death bids

As seen in News.com.au: August 05, 2007 12:00am

BOXING legend Lester Ellis has revealed he made four attempts on his life after years of hard drinking.
Fighting depression as well as the bottle, he slashed his wrists in one of the failed suicide bids last year.
He also lay on railway tracks at St Albans, an inner Melbourne suburb, but the train stopped short of the former world champion.
His plan to leap from the Westgate Bridge was thwarted when a taxi driver refused to let him out and another scheme to provoke a deadly confrontation with police also went wrong.
In an interview in the Sunday Herald Sun today, Ellis, 42, says he staged a robbery at a video store in the hope of being shot by police who responded to the emergency call.
He threatened police with knives and swords, but they brought him down with pepper spray.
Ellis says he was drinking 40 cans of beer a day.
He was desperate after losing the fortune he made in boxing through bad investments.
"Alcohol took me to places you wouldn't take a dog," Ellis says.


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