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16th. Jul. 2009 boxing promoter David Deicke with YVB boxing tickets

Prestige Sports Management's David Diecke seen on the right and Keith Ellis continue their successful march up the ladder of promoters ranks and leave little doubt that they have made it in a tough game that does leave a trail of disappointed men wondering why they didn't succeed.

Anyone that has tried it before and had no success should not feel disappointed as there is a lot that is out of one's control and can go wrong when organizing a fightnight. Sometimes luck has to be on your side.

David's theory is to give the fans the best of classy atmospheric feeling which in turn gives them a memorable buzz that can be remembered. READ MORE

Main event
12 rounds.Tim Bell vs Walter Papua


An awesome fight in matchmaking was in display which kept supporters on the edge of their seats where a true fighter made his mark against a very experienced, cagey, durable and quick opponent in Walter Papua.
The fight started at a reasonable pace and accelerated into a toe to toe match which
went the whole distance.
Bell was expected to tire Papua but this was a way away so he kept grinding his way in
with varied leads AND huge lefts, over arm rights followed body punches and uppercuts but
Papua kept well out of trouble by good mobility and used very smart tactics which reserved his condition.
Papua had a great kit of punches and wasn't about to give the fight away easily and in
turn countered leads by very dangerous looking bolo rights followed by left round-arm
punches but Bell just seemed to absorb them recovering within fractions of seconds.
Soon after mid-fight about the seventh round Bell started to look more accurate in his landing of punches as Papua showed slight indications of slowing down.
By the championship rounds Bell seemed to have the fight in the bag unless stopped which was always a worry but unexpected and didn't eventuate despite the effort made by Papua in the last round to stop his opponent.

Timmy has now moved to No5 ranking in WBO World rankings, it is expected that Bell will get a world title fight before years end or early next year.
All in all this was a great fight which was undoubtedly high grade and suitable for channel ten's 1HD first broadcast nationwide from Melbourne.

scores were 116-112 119-108 117-111


ANBF Australian Super Middleweight Title Fight
10 rounds.

Local fighter Luke Moloney had a hard time keeping up with Aussie champion Les Piper.
Due to Moloney's height and reach advantage Piper had to fight at close quarters and accidental head clashes had to happen which drew blood from Piper however not severe enough to stop the fight.
Piper's workrate was much higher than Luke's hence a points win was the result.

scores were 99-91 98-93 99-92

MTHA0874MTHA0974 Quality Fighter Jamie Pittman downclassed by local Frank Ciampa.
6 rounds.

Due to severe unorthorthodox fighting by a very nervous looking Ciampa, Pittman was forced to not show his brilliant ability and copped injuries due to bad maneuverability of his opponents head and style of clinchingMTHA1065
Pittman was slam thrown to the canvas after placed in an unbalanced position on two occasions and many times having to be untangled from his opponent by the referee Tony Marretta, However Pittman managed to win every round despite what he had to put up with.
Some credit needs to be given to Ciampa for his gameness of entering the ring in the first place but needs to be matched with fighters in his own class for this situation not to be repeated by the promoters.

scores were 60-54 60-54 60-54

Heta goes down to Meunier

Kim Heta got his count record against Andre Meunier reversed being stopped at 1:55 min into the second round without a chance to warm up. Andre put Kim down and placed him in a stopping  position by the referee Tony Marretta giving the fight to Munier by TKO round two.


 Dwight Ritchie wins his debut against Wayne Martin also in his debut

Ritchie the son of (to be completed)

Ritchie WIN UD Martin
scores: 39-36 40-36 40-37


Contender series in Sydney Fightnight dates: To go to this series open and print this PDF file. First date 14th. August.


LIVE on free to air TV tonight at 8 pm.

Tonight like the old times in boxing you can watch the fights live on channel ten's 1HD channel.

Of course you can still buy tickets to the fights if you so desire and you can do it right here from YVB until 4:00pm.

This is the first broadcast of four live shows one of which has already been shown last week on the 9th.

Weigh-in Wednesday night

Below Tim Bell left and Walter Papua at weigh-in at the exclusive bar Silk Road in Collins Street Melbourne.

Below some of the other champion fighters on the card


Jamie Pittman           Kim Heta         Mark Quan     Luke Moloney      Daniel Iannazzo Andmore...



Buy tickets now from YVB


 Ticket Sales Close 4:30 pm


 *No transaction fees charged buying from YVB


Free invitation to weigh-in

Always support those that support Boxing


The most Exclusive Boxing Venue with Dinner in Melbourne Town

16th July 2009

Gold class


10 seat Tables


$250.00 each seat

Bronze class

10 seat Tables


$150.00 each seat


Main Event

Tim Bell  vs Walter Papu'a

Full card to be shown here

Silver class


10 seat Tables


$200.00 each seat

Bronze class

10 seat Tables


$150.00 each seat


3 course dinner with alcohol inclusive

All tables



boxing venue

Main entrance

boxing ticket sales

View with balconies


boxing ticket sales

Table settings

3 course dinner with alcohol inclusive

All tables



boxing ticket sales

Partial view of hall

"Why is this Boxing Event important"

This is going to be one of Melbourne's most prestigious boxing events in years and will be seen nationally on free to air television. The night is planned to be the inaugural Event.

It is expected that patrons will be treated like royalty and the experienced channel 10's camera men will follow by making it a night to remember for you. It is expected to be the making of history as TV RINGSIDE was until the early 1980's.




Available corporate tables in three classes allocated to YVB to sell.

Gold:    25   30   37   42   51

Silver:    26   29   38   41   50

Bronze:    27   28   39   40   49

Click to buy from YVB

Young Victor will personally ensure your booking is secured after you pay by the chosen credit card.



Click to buy from YVB

Young Victor will personally ensure your booking is secured after you pay by the chosen credit card.



Click to buy from YVB

Young Victor will personally ensure your booking is secured after you pay by the chosen credit card.



Young Victor apologizes for the facility of only buying one ticket at a time.

This is due to the late-hour alteration from table prices to single seats being made available.

Please have ID of purchaser name for confirmation at the door to enter.




Tickets for balcony also available

*For all enquiries about ticket sales within Australia call Young Victor:  0412 346 811 or (03) 9812 7714


Venue and fight program organizers:

boxing promoter  boxing promoter   boxing promoter

Fidel Tukel       David Deicke        Keith Ellis


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