Knox Netball Centre Fight night

Knox Netball fightnight a whopper

 A full house witnessed fights of top national and world level at the fort in Ferntree Gully. All fights had colour keeping the crowd on their feet.


Results by Damian Membrey stories by Young Victor.

Komgrit Nanakorn 78.70 v Serge Yannick 78.50
Winner: S Yannick by KO 2:32 R2
Referee: Tony Maretta
Judges: Aneeka Williams : Allan McColl : Anthony Hibbs

Both fighters spent the first round testing one another with Yannick looking the better fighter.

In the second Yannick took command and staggered Nanacorn with combination of lefts and rights and down he went on one knee staying there to take a count of eight.

Yannick didn't waste time following up the attack, Nanakorn went down again on one knee and stayed there for the full count, he then stayed there until he felt recovered.

Brent Elliott 60.40 v Dillon Sendeckyi 60.40
Winner: B Elliott by unanimous points
Referee: John McCubbin
Judges: Aneeka Williams (39:37) : Allan McColl (39:37) : Anthony Hibbs (39:37)

Both Brent Elliott fought well with the exception of Dillon with a reach and height advantage seemingly in front. A good second round saw Dillon gain ground with good combos but running into a few good left leads by Elliott. The third found Elliott seemed to slow down and Dillon was getting on target.

Surprisingly Elliott livened up and took all the points and with it a points victory.

Jomyuthying Kiatnorwor 54.60 v Susie Ramadan 53.60
Winner: S Ramadan TKO 0:32 R4
Referee: John McCubbin
Judges: Aneeka Williams : Tony Maretta : Anthony Hibbs

Round one found Susie Ramadan needed composure as the smaller Kiatnorwor seemed to get her tangled when up close making it difficult for Suzie to land cleanly however she still took the round easily.

Ramadan soon woke to this and totally outclassed her opponent from then on.

McCubbin stopped the fight in the third with Ramadan swarming punches all over her opponent.

Susie Ramadan is rated No10 in the WBC World Bantamweight ratings and looks the goods and ready to claim the World championship.

10x3 Australian Middleweight Title
William Hadlow 72.57 v Johannes Mwetupunga 72.30
Winner: J Mwetupunga by unanimous points
Referee: Tony Maretta
Judges: Aneeka Williams (97:93) : Allan McColl (99:91) : Anthony Hibbs (97:94)

A war for the Australian Middleweight Title between these two fighters kept everyone watching in amazement wondering how much punishment fighters can absorb.

From round one Hadlow had Mwetupunga on the ropes and for a while it looked like he was in trouble but they quickly got back to centre ring. Hadlow again was the attacker and again had Mwetpunga on the ropes in a corner but this time Mwetpunga with flashy combinations forced him back to centre ring. Hadlow may have won this round from aggressively making the fight.

The second saw Mwetpunga find his target and his cleaner punches repeatedly landed cleanly on Hadlows face. Hadlow resorted to a couple og bolo punches with little success but made the fight colourful. This fight was a crowd pleaser.

The third showed both fighters trading punches with Hadlow's swings which landed with Mwetpungas cleaner returns doing what looked like damage.

Abeautiful right to the jaw staggered Hadlow but he seemed to just absorb it and himself going back into attack mode, he certainly as usual lacked no courage.

After this Hadlow landed a fantastic right to the head and Mwetpunga seemed headed for a stoppage whilst caught on the ropes seeming like he needs to learn how to get himself off the ropes, he was in some terrible trouble, locked up against the ropes, sometimes in corners. they went back to centre ring and Hadlow landed a massive uppercut and kept up the attack sensing he had Mwetpunga in serious bother.

Suddenly Mwetpunga went back at Hadlow beating him to a pulp for quite some time but Hadlow walked back to him to pay some back but the bell rang to end the round.

The fifth was a fantastic round and the crowd gave both fighters a standing ovation.

Hadlow came out like a tank and swarmed punches all over Mwetpunga and repeated his earlier aggression, these boys certainly came to fight.

From the sixth both fighers showed wear and tear but Mwetpunga's speedy and accuracy started getting well on top of Hadlow despite his huge heart.

In the ninth Hadlow survived a bad situation but still stood up and must be as tough as rocks he saw the round out.

Despite continuous boring by Hadlow he ended in second place to lose a unanimous decision.

Both fighters got a standing ovation for their massive effort.


10x 3 IBF Pan Pacific Youth Welterweight Title

Kiatchai Singwancha 67.30 v Wale Omotoso 66.68
Winner: W Omotoso by KO 0:35 R4
Referee: Tony Maretta
Judges: Aneeka Williams : Allan McColl : John McCubbin

Roung 1, Both fighters moved around centre ring causiously feeing onr another which is always the best way to start a fight especially at this level. Wale with an orthodox stance took first lead with a nice straight left to the body, our local modern day fighters have forgotten about that punch. Wale shuffled his legs showing off his impatience with the slow start, Kiatchai a southpaw fired up with a big over arm bolo right but it didn't reach its target. he soon opened an attack which didn't get far and was rewarded with a two handed attack by Omotoso to the body. Singwancha liked leaving his right lead out keeping Omotoso at the distance, Omotoso threw some deadly punches but were  not ready to land. the bell went to end the first round.

One thing stood out to the writer that Singwancha in defense of punches, he retracts his head backwards and in a very high position, this is a mortal sin against punchers like Omotoso.

Round 2, both fighters came out with caution and seemed not yet into this fight, however Omotoso looked like he had changing this in mind and threw more puches.

Serious business got underway by Omotoso and both exchanged hard and speedy punches but seemed to be gaining more respect for Wale's punches he changed his tactic to throwing one punch only at a time and landing it, Omotoso kept bopping and weaving making it hard for his opponent to keep landing.

At this point it started to look clear who was going to win this fight, it was just a matter of time and the bell went to end the round.

Round 3, both fighters were throwing punches from a little to far away and Singwancha kept his head a lot too high, mind you he has some tricky punches which he surprisingly throws and lands well.

Round 4, Once again Singwancha with his head in the perfect position, Wale threw a massive left hook which knocked Singwancha out cold.

Wale Omotoso needs to be moved up in class before he destroys any of our promising fighters as he is of top league and ready to meet tougher fighters.

Omotoso needs to be fighting the likes of Kelly Pavlik but in the welterweight division, and others in the IBF or WBC or at least top ten welterweight level fighters.

So much was the difference that YV is of the opinion that Omotoso went at second gear and was able to put his opponent away much sooner.


In the audience

Fammo and his loving wife


Before the fight


Knox Netball Centre

14th May 2010

Promising to be a great night of boxing..

                                           Wale Omotoso            Susie Ramadan

Oyewale Omotoso VS Katchai Singwangcha
14th May, 2010
Knox Netball Centre
Dempster St Ferntree Gully
(Melway ref 73 J4)
Doors Open 6:30pm
First Fight 7:30pm

Professional boxing takes centre stage again at the Knox Netball Centre in Dempster St, Ferntree Gully. On May 14th Wale Omotoso fights Katchai Singwangcha of Thailand, for the vacant IBF Pan Pacific Youth Welterweight Title. If the undefeated Omotoso (16 wins, 14 KO's) is successful, he has been told he will get a top 15 ranking in the IBF. Singwangcha comes to Australia with a record of 29 victories against 7 losses, and has fought some big names including Lovemore N'deou. The IBF is a respected boxing organisation and it wont be long before Omotoso
is in the top 10. Originally Omotoso was stated to fight Julio Reyes of the Dominican Republic, but due to injury Reyes had to pull out, hence why the poster states differently.

The main supporting bout could be a main event in itself, in any arena in Australia. Newly crowned Australian Middleweight Champion, Johannes “Tito” Mwetupunga, defends his title against the man who already holds a win over Tito, the tough and durable, William Hadlow of Queensland.
Originally from Namibia, and now a proud Australian with 3 children, Tito has 7 wins against 2 losses. He has won his last 5 fights, where 4 have ended via KO. Hadlow as stated, is tough and comes to fight. He holds a win over Tito which makes this 10 round title fight even more exciting.
Expect a hard, gruelling fight in this one, as styles make fights, and this one will be a cracker.

Susie Ramadan continues her trek towards a world title shot when she takes on another late substitute from Thailand, Jomyuthying Kiatnorwor. Ramadan has built an impressive record of 13 fights, 5 by KO and no losses. Kiatnorwor has had 6 fights for 3 wins against 3 losses, but has fought in different countries before. This will be a test for Ramadan, who has to wait patiently until her lucky number comes up and she can have a crack at the world title.

Serge Yannick, who was very impressive last time out at Knox, fights an opponent who hasn't been selected at the time of this writing, as the original opponent was a recent withdrawal.
Clinton Johnson is on the comeback trail and takes on Hunter Sam who was victorious over Steve Gillingham last time here at Knox. This will be a willing battle between 2 guys that come to fight.

Dennis Ockal takes on Queenslander, Clifton Law which will be all fireworks, as it is over 4 X 3 minute rounds and is guaranteed to be explosive.

Making their pro debuts are Dylan Sendeckyj and Ash Cross over 4 X 3 minute rounds. Sendeckyj had a very good amateur career, representing his state on a few occasions, while his opponent Cross has and extensive kick boxing career.

It is a top line up of fights and the match maker (me, Murray Thomson), apologises for the 3 changes in the line up that makes this different to the poster but “that's boxing”, and its turned out to be a better line up of fights in some regards.

The night, as all Fighter Factory shows are, is fully licensed and the tables will have waitress service as per usual. Tickets are selling fast, so get in quick and book your seat.
Hope to see you at the fights,
Murray Thomson


Dylan Sendeckyj



4 X 3 Min

Ash Cross


Dennis Ockal



4 X 3 Min

Clifton Law


Clinton Johnson



4 X 3 Min

Hunter Sam


Serge Yannick



6 X 3 Min


Susie “Q” Ramadan



8 X 2 Min

Jomyuthying Kiatnorwor



Johannes “Tito” Mwetupunga



10 X 3 Min

William Hadlow



Wale Omotoso



10 X 3 Min

Katchai Singwangcha


Book Early

Doors Open 6:30pm- First fight 7:30pm SHARP!

Full Bar & Food Avalible

Table Tickets range from $90 to 52.50 per ticket

(Ringside tables include waiter service and must be pre booked)

Gereral Admission $40.

Pre-Pay or on Admission




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