Tribute to Josephine Aquilina

Young Victor's tribute to his loving mother on behalf of all the family - Victor and Lynette, Joseph (deceased) Alex and Shona, Tony and Helen - Grand children Paul and Mark, Greg and Lisa, Andrew and Kylie and Stephen and Michelle,

Writings by Victor - poem tastefully chosen by Lynette

Below as shown on main page at the time of passing away:

Young Victor's Mother Josephine Aquilina passes away. 


Today 24th. May 2006 - At 4.55 am Young Victor's beloved mother passed away.

Josephine Rose Aquilina dedicated parent of four children Victor, Alex, Joseph and Tony.

Church Service - 29th. May 06 - will be Mass at Saint Mary's Star of the Sea Church West Melbourne Cnr. Victoria & Howard Sts. at 10:30am.

Burial will be at the Footscray Cemetery Geelong Rd. time 1:00pm.

Young Victor kindly welcomes all Boxing associates and friends to these services.













Josephine Rose Aquilina as known to friends in North Melbourne. 





























































Mother's Day 14th. May 2006.

Young Victor's mother Josephine Aquilina seems to be at the end of her life and the whole family has been consistently visiting her hoping we are making her life fulfilled.

She will leave behind two other brothers Alex and Tony. 

She is 83 years old and only lived for her children.

I am hoping you spare a prayer for my mother who's most important task was her children being healthy and happy. She was the kindest person I ever knew. YV

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