Great for Oz Boxing and even better for a guy who works so gone dam hard in his quest to be the best. Danny stuck by his game plan and executed it beautifully tonight. I was disgusted in Drews and he shouldn't be paid. Some rounds he didn't throw a punch. The result would of been different though if he had. He woulda got Koed as he opened up. He stayed tidy and defensive because he knew he was goin to get hurt and knocked out. He is not a fighter more of a fencer. For Danny all I can say well done champ you deserve it. You beat some boxers ive trained and always respected them and treated them/us very well. After he beat Jase the 2nd time he took him out to dinner and gave him some extra money out of his own pocket. How many fighters do you see do that. A gentleman. The rewards will now come and his team have done extremely well. I wish Dan all the very best and a big congratulations very soon.

well i watched the fight and I am a Danny Green fan always have been , ever since meeting him when he was an ameteur always thought what a nice fella who genuinly deserves success. Howether the fight was a stinker Drews hardly ever threw a punch he run for 12 rnds,BUT on the very rare ocasion he did he showed that he had the tools to make it competetive at least. at one stage at the end of the fight he did come out and throw a few but the punches he threw were soft lazy punches the sort you throw at your ten year old son when your teaching him to box.

Many can and will say he did'nt open up because he was scared, but the guy was a world champ with only one loss and him and his camp would know how to beat a power puncher like danny he had the tools to do it he just never used them .

Personally i find it very hard to believe a fellow like Drews was too scared after all he hardly got hit.Alls i will say on this, is Angelo made a statement in a pre fight interview that Drews was being very very well paid for coming here now i can see why . Danny did'nt win a world title HE WAS GIVEN IT.







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