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"Great World Champions including Aussies that won titles with Links."

Muhammad Ali

Rocky Marciano

Joe Louis

Jeff Fenech

Sugar Ray Robinson

George Foreman

Jimmy Carruthers

Johnny Famechon

Lionel Rose

Larry Holmes

Floyd Patterson

Evander Hollyfield

Jeff Harding

Lester Ellis

Barry Michael

Robbie Peden

Vic Darchinyan

Kostya Tszyu

Ricky Hatton

Danny Green



Sharon Anyos

Michael Kadsidis

"World and Australian Sanctioning Bodies"


WBA on 

World Boxing Association.

WBC on 

World Boxing Council.

IBF on


WBO on

World Boxing Organization.

IBO on

 WBU on 

World Boxing Union



EBU on 


ANBF on  


National Boxing Federation.

World Boxing Foundation Pty Ltd

  •   Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame Australia's National Boxing Hall Of Fame praises our great boxing champions, those that have excelled in the art of boxing, they will be enshrined for the rest of time. Young Victor praises this organization for its true Australian Spirit maintained by members who some are legends themselves, they glorify the champions that gave us so much during their life in boxing.  boxing links


  • "Australian Boxing Links."

  •  PPBA  Past and Present Boxing Association official website, in it you will find everything about today's whereabouts of our pioneering fighters and boxing officials. The PPBA website went online in November 2008. (Since 2003, YVB published a section on this site to give them the only internet presence they had which boxing fans loved.) YV wishes them all his very best and hopes this will continue for ever.

  •  Australia's boxing resource showing boxers, matchmaking, rankings, results and news.  boxing links  

  •   THE FIST - BOXING MAGAZINE (Australian Publication) monthly. boxing links

  • Fighter Online (Magazine) You could be missing back numbers by the dozen. A hundred stories. All for the price you pay now. Nothing! Just click the button, Headliners Archives and scroll down to start on a feast of reading back to October 2003.

  • Michael J. Clarke is a boxing historian and author. He maintains the largest collection of boxing memorabilia in Australia, including records, photographs, magazines and books, covering all eras of the noble sport.  boxing links

  • BOXING EQUIPMENT BOXING GEAR SALES - This site is a part of YVB Network supplying quality boxing fight and gym gloves, speedballs, mitts and all gear needed for training and fighting in our great sport of boxing.  boxing links

  • BOXING TICKET SALES Part of YVB Boxing Network specializing in selling entry tickets to Melbourne's and Victorian regional Boxing shows with plenty of success.  boxing links

  • Young Victor Boxing Young Victor's Lifetime's work and comeback to boxing then  63 years, now 69 years of age presenting Boxing News and local Victorian local fights with videos and (PPBA) Past and Present Boxers Association and Victorian Boxing Trainers League News.  boxing links



  •  Young Victor Boxing promoter PETER MANIATIS PROMOTIONS ... boxing links



  • The Sweet Science Boxing  The Sweet Science At The Sweet Science, our mandate is simple -- to give you, the boxing fan, what you want. Schedule info, results, boxing news from around the world and, plain and simple, the premier roster of boxing writers anywhere on the Net. boxing links  

  • boxing links  Worldwide Boxers Records, Fight Results, Fight Schedules and more.  boxing links  

  • boxing links  Boxing News and Video Coverage updated 24-7  boxing links  

  • Boxing News 24 hours boxing links

  • FIGHTNEWS - Boxing news 24 hours a day FIGHTNEWS Boxing News Continually.

  •   Boxing on the web like you've never seen it before.  boxing links

  •  Boxing Your source for 24 hour boxing coverage. boxing links  

  •   boxing links

  •   Straight Jab.Com - The best of Boxing Talk Radio  boxing links

  • "THE HEART OF BOXING" Boxing Resource  boxing links

  •   Inside Boxing  boxing links 

  • boxing links  Knockout Boxing Site  boxing links 

  •  Knockout Boxing boxing links

  • boxing links  FIGHT PRODUCTION  boxing links

  •   DOGHOUSEBOXING  Your Fun Resort in the Sport of Boxing.  boxing links

  •   Boxing at its best. boxing links  

  • boxing.links  Las Vegas Boxing. Fight News, Ringside photography, Fight Schedules boxing links

  • Amato Boxing - Articles on boxing, memorabilia and a lot more. boxing links

  •  boxing links  ...Where boxing fans come for news and discussion... boxing links  

  •   HOT WOMEN'S BOXING NEWS Part of a group of women's  boxing sites WBAN... boxing links


  • with Forum boxing links

  • with Forum boxing links

  • with Forum boxing links

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